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26531RE: [tmboptical] Re: Tim -- re. Comet Temple image (snapshot)

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  • Wayne G
    Jul 1 5:36 PM
      Mag 9.7, Donald.

      I would maybe consider taking the RRFT as long as it can go high enough to
      get a decent view of the nucleus. If this plume works out like hoped, it
      might be too large to get all comfortably within the largest FOV of the Q,
      but should be no problem with the RRFT.


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      Can somebody please tell me what is the magnitude of Comet Temple now/Sunday
      night? I'm getting a ride to an observing party at the Virginia Science
      Museum and need to know if I'll be able to see it in my Questar. The comet,
      that is, not the impact's effect as it will be below the horizon here at
      that time. Or maybe should I take my 3"f5 RRFT refractor?

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