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24164Re: [tmboptical] Re: TMB 80mm "super" apo

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  • ericj
    Apr 2, 2005
      Hi Tim:

      >Thanks for the informative post Thomas. Having the reference available
      >(thanks Ron for that link!!! )behind the concepts allows the
      >interested student of optics to learn more. The TMB FAQ needs updated
      >with the posts over the past 3 or so months, that's for sure.

      If you can make the changes to the FAQ and send it to me I'll get it
      uploaded to the site.

      >The bibliography on the TMB site, proposed by cJamesC is a good idea.

      Agreed, and I added a new bibliography page to the TMB site which includes a
      link to the article:


      If some kind soul who downloaded wishes to send it to me so it can be
      uploaded to the site I'm make sure it gets up there, and I'm sure in
      exchange Tom will give them a free TMB 10" apo ;-). Also let me know if
      there are other links or articles that should be on the page and I'll add


      Eric Jamison
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