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2402Re: Audiophiles among us

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  • K. Bishop
    Sep 1, 2001
      > Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 02:31:12 -0000
      > From: dougspeterson@...
      > The recent revelation that there are fellow audiophiles on this
      > group,

      While perusing Televue's latest at the 2001 Texas Star Party I overheard Al
      Nagler and another gentleman discussing the benefits of biwiring -- an
      audiophile topic if I ever heard one.

      > BTW, my Apogee Stage ribbon loudspeakers are the sonic equivalent of
      > a fine portable triplet apochromat, TMB105. I am still trying to find
      > the audio equivalent of my massive TMB180....

      Up until a couple years ago I ran an Apogee Mini-Grand system. I've since
      downsized to a pair of Sonus Fabers which are much easier to live with.

      > Doug Peteson

      Clear skies,
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