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21356Kids and telescopes

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  • Chris
    Jan 1, 2005
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      I don't usually post here but wanted to comment on Mathew's mention
      of his kid brother messing with his scope in his absence.

      This really is a no-no. Scopes are heavy when mounted and have a
      very high centre of gravity. Tripods are geometrically unstable and
      fall over in a breeze. If the scope survives the fall a kid might
      not recover from a counterweight hitting him on the head.

      Then there is the eternal problem of solar observing. You go in for
      an accessory and come out to find you kid sister has removed the
      solar filter and is peering into an empty drawtube....

      Be *very* careful out there.

      Let's keep it a Happy New Year.

      Best regards to all.
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