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20779Re: [tmboptical] TMB News - LZOS

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  • Ray Byrne
    Dec 2, 2004
      On Thursday, December 2, 2004, at 04:45 pm, Philippe VERCOUTTER wrote:

      > Thomas, & List,
      > I think a first indication of the sharpness and overall quality of my
      > 175
      > f/8 TMB can be seen in this image:
      > http://astrid.astrolab.be/jsp/zoek.jsp?arg=HP6X9764 (left is the
      > original
      > image, right is the processed image). This Moon image was made on
      > November
      > 20th, 2004. The set of 2 images do also shw how much there is to be
      > gained
      > from digital processing.
      > Click on the T-symbol you find below each preview to obtain more
      > technical
      > details.
      > Philippe

      Hi Philippe,

      Sorry but I find your site very confusing, as what you suggested above
      and what I see is different?

      I do use a Macintosh so that could be the reason but I doubt it. When I
      click your link I get your home page (which is a frameset) and on the
      left are 2 links, the first one shows an absolutely wonderful, crisp,
      contrasty image of the moon like a view out of a space ship window and
      the one below shows the same area of the Lunar landscape but softer,
      more blurry and coloured a bit greenish.

      There is no T symbol? but a magnifying glass at the end of each link
      which gives data, but the technical details you suggested might be
      there aren't!

      I'm going to fire-up my PC laptop to see if it looks different on that.

      Amazing image on the first link though wow!


      5 minutes later...

      Sure enough on the PC it is as you describe although the images look
      nicer on my Mac.

      This sort of thing really pi��es my off though. Why won't this render
      properly on my Mac? It's some sort of proprietary Windows driven thing
      no doubt (no offense to you Philippe). I hate being maginalised for
      choosing the best operating system available. We have chosen the best
      telescopes available supposing we could'nt see the same sky that Meade
      telescopes could because they had a monopoly on it GRRRRR!


      Ray Byrne
      in4media | graphic and website DESIGN
      T: 01793 435704 | W: http://www.in4media.co.uk

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