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20777Re: [tmboptical] TMB News - LZOS

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  • ericj
    Dec 2, 2004
      Hi Jack:

      >Forgot to mention that my Mare Orientale image is on the tmboptical Yahoo
      site under Photos/Astropics.

      Nice image, I hope to observe Mare Orientale this week if the weather
      cooperates. Favorable lunar libration recently helped to make it easier to
      see some small lunar mares near Mare Crisium including Mare Undarum, Mare
      Spumans, Firmicus, Dubiago, Condorcet, and Langrenus.

      As an FYI to the group there will be another occultation of Jupiter by the
      moon on Thursday morning, December 9th visible in eastern and central North


      Should be neat to watch or image. Maybe Jim Phillips will have better
      weather next week.

      Clear Skies,

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