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20770Re: TMB News - LZOS

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  • jimhp29401us
    Dec 2, 2004
      Hi Tom,
      I've got the time but boy the sky will just not cooperate. I am
      heading back to the Farm tomorrow. Hopefully...

      Jim Phillips

      > The lost lens shipment finally turned up, after talking
      > with my customs clearance agent for half the afternoon.
      > She had to trace every stop from Russia (we don't do it
      > this way normally, Markus ships the lenses from Germany),
      > and it normally takes 7 to 9 days from Germany to Cleveland,
      > but it has been 16 days already, and I have to tell you I
      > was really starting to worry (Bob's 7" and Tim's 9" lens
      > is in this shipment, among other TMB lenses).
      > She could not say when they will be able to load the
      > truck and get the shipment to my shop, but I will try
      > and find out tomorrow. If something can go wrong, it
      > probably will. One good thing is that LZOS double wood
      > crates the lenses, and with an oversized outer box,
      > and special packing material, I have no worries about
      > shipping damage. My problem will be getting that monster
      > crate off the truck!
      > BTW, where is everybody? I know Tim is at work, working
      > 16 hour days, and Norm is going to the hospital (I hope
      > you feel better Norm), so they can't post.
      > Jim and all other imagers, the Moon is in a great position
      > for imaging, so let's see some images, if you have the skies
      > and time for it. Thanks.
      > Thomas Back
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