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20152Re: 105/650 question

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  • mrgrytt
    Nov 1, 2004
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      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Roger" <pokersilverking@y...>
      > How does this scope compare with the AP Traveler?

      Very very well.

      > I'm on the Traveler waiting list, but as I further investigate
      > the perfect travel scope for me, I find that the TMB 105 starts
      > to take on some very impressive characteristics.

      I also was on the Traveler waiting list a few years ago and was
      looking for something similar to use while waiting. I didn't really
      know much about TMB at the time A fellow whose name I won't mention
      sent me an e-mail suggesting that I consider a TMB 105/650. He also
      said that when he got his TMB 105/650 he got rid of his Traveler
      because he liked the TMB so much better.
      When I received my 105/650 I have never been more impressed with
      a scope..... until I got my TMB 175.

      > Can anybody comment on any positives, or negatives with this scope?

      There aren't any negatives to report. It is a fantastic scope.

      > I'm interested in the CNC version,

      I am very parital to the original TMB CNC tubes and think they
      were the best ever made by anyone. Hopefully the new style CNC tubes
      are just as good or even better, if that's possible.
      With the original CNC tube and 3 inch focuser you would need to
      be sure you get either a 30mm or 60mm focuser extension tube, in
      addition to the 100mm extension that comes with the scope. The 60mm
      is probably the best one to get. With the new CNC tubes I don't
      believe you would have to worry about the extra extension.

      > There was a time when I wouldn't budge on a Traveler, but the
      > 105/650 CNC actually seems to better the AP in a few areas.

      There is nothing that will ever make me part with mine.
      Regardless, the Traveler you were waiting on is now a thing of the

      > I'm also wondering how this scope might work with a Losmandy
      > GM-8 ...the one thing this scope is, is a bit heavy, so I'm
      > wondering if the GM-8 would be adequate for webcam of planets
      > or stacked digi SLR shots.

      I can't answer that for sure but I've seen a number of them on

      > How long are people waiting to take delivery of this scope?

      That is a question for Thomas to answer.

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