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20144Re: 105/650 question

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  • Craig Stark
    Nov 1, 2004
      Tim covered the points well, so I'll just add a smidge. In
      particular, to see shots taken through the TMB 105, head on over to:

      Johannes is a regular here and takes such consistently beatiful shots
      that I am in complete awe. If anyone ever had any concern with the
      optical quality, I'd show them one of his shots.

      I've got a "lightweight" version of the scope that is just fantastic.
      I've not used the CNC version and by all accounts it is outstanding.
      For me, the added weight and added cost were both negatives that were
      not counteracted enough by the high "fondle factor" of the CNC tube.
      To each his own, however.

      If you've not seen them, you should check out the reviews on CN:
      http://www.cloudynights.com/reviews/tmb105.htm (on a GM-8 even)

      Personally, if given the choice between an AP Traveler on a long wait
      list or the TMB effectively now, the TMB wins hands down. The
      hypothetical choice between the two here and now at the same price is
      a much tougher call as both are fantastic scopes.

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