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20140Re: 105/650 question

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  • Markus Ludes
    Nov 1, 2004
      The 105 CNC , even a bit on the heavy side is such increditble
      short, that the GM 8 handle it like a Queen

      We plan to make this week a shipment to TMB, if your decision comes
      in time ( next days) we could ship 1 pc from our stock to TMB for
      you :-)

      other questions will be fair to be answered by customers and owners
      only not by me as seller

      best wishes

      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Roger" <pokersilverking@y...>
      > How does this scope compare with the AP Traveler?
      > I'm on the Traveler waiting list, but as I further investigate the
      perfect travel scope for me,
      > I find that the TMB 105 starts to take on some very impressive
      > Can anybody comment on any positives, or negatives with this scope?
      > I'm interested in the CNC version, as I'm really making this my
      scope for the next decade
      > of longer. I've come a long way to realizing that this size and
      this type of scope is perfect
      > for me.
      > Anything bigger, and I'll just leave it in the box on
      cold/windy/ugly nights......I know
      > myself to well!
      > There was a time when I wouldn't budge on a Traveler, but the
      105/650 CNC actually
      > seems to better the AP in a few areas.
      > I'm also wondering how this scope might work with a Losmandy GM-
      8.....the one
      > thing this scope is, is a bit heavy, so I'm wondering if the GM-8
      would be adequate for
      > webcam of planets or stacked digi SLR shots.
      > How long are people waiting to take delivery of this scope?
      > I'm new to this group, and to TMB's, so thanks for any guidance.
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