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  • Tom DeMary
    Jan 2, 2001
      --- In tmboptical@egroups.com, rander3127@a... wrote:

      > It was kind of thrilling. I put my SCT and
      > small refractor out back to take a look,
      > but was watching TV while they acclimated.
      > They put the live pictures on the television
      > from either the Hubble or an observatory
      > so I went out back and looked. No one knew
      > what to expect as far as visible "hits" was
      > concerned. The obviousness
      > of the impact areas shocked me. More and more
      > it looked like Jupiter's atmosphere was behaving
      > more like a liquid mix than a gas mix.
      > -Rich

      I was out with my old C-8 for the first impact. A couple
      of non-astronomical friends and I watched for about an
      hour to see if there was anything to see. We did not see
      anything, so we ate ice cream for consolation, not that we
      expected to see anything. After ice cream, I took another
      look and spotted a "pin hole," much tinier than the shadow
      of a satellite, which had rotated onto the Jovian disk.
      My companions could see it too, but I would not call it
      obvious. By the next night however, the pin holes had swollen
      to look like dark bruises -- those were obvious, and unexpected,
      as I recall. Now that I have my TMBs, I am waiting for another
      comet or asteriod to hit something.

      Tom DeMary
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