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198Re: [tmboptical] Misc

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  • rander3127@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2001
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      In a message dated 1/1/01 5:34:31 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      tmboptical@egroups.com writes:

      > ...
      >But NOTHING was as dramatic
      > as seeing the comet impacts on Jupiter
      > rotate into view!  I could see them in
      > a small refractor (70mm) clear as day.
      > -Rich


      I sure wish I had a scope back then for that
      one.  <very long sigh>

      It was kind of thrilling.  I put my SCT and
      small refractor out back to take a look,
      but was watching TV while they acclimated.
      They put the live pictures on the television
      from either the Hubble or an observatory
      so I went out back and looked.  No one knew
      what to expect as far as visible "hits" was concerned.  The obviousness
      of the impact areas shocked me.  More and more
      it looked like Jupiter's atmosphere was behaving
      more like a liquid mix than a gas mix.
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