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15037Re: [tmboptical] Another ATM TMB152

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  • W. Gondella
    Apr 1, 2004

      Actually, If I was to do it, I would install a weatherized TMB80 on the roof, controlled
      by joystick servo, with a motorized zoom going into a CCD camera. On the dash built into
      it would be a hi-res display monitor. Thus you could see a wide angle view far ahead or
      zoom in on any points of interest, such as police behind billboards or young ladies
      sunbathing on their pool decks nearby the road, as you burn down the highway in your 500+
      horsepower big block chevy (equipped of course with high end stereo in car with Meridian
      CD Player, electrostatic panels in the doors, subwoofer built into seat, all driven by
      fully complementary symmetry MOSFET power amps in the truck) on your way to the
      star-party, of course.

      The TMB80 would have a turrent so that you could switch out the ccd camera for a night
      vision camera. This would allow you to drive with headlights off (stealth mode while
      evading speeding tickets) or as a courtesy to other star gazers as you arrive late at the
      star party.

      Naturally, the 14-inch f/9 TMB would be in *tow* behind in the trailer, as mounting this
      on the car would not only be aerodynamically unstable and cause handling problems at high
      speeds, but would detract somewhat from the appearance of the car. It would raise up out
      of the trailer through motorized roof panels on a hydraulically operated mount, once you
      were pulled safely into your spot at the Nebraska Star Party.

      And who said astronomy couldn't be fun?!

      Wayne E. Gondella
      AFA Engineering, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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      From: "Norman L. Rubenstein" <nlr@...>
      To: <tmboptical@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 2:52 AM
      Subject: Re: [tmboptical] Another ATM TMB152

      > Dear Wayne:
      > I don't know, maybe you and Mike are on to something here -- a group of
      > gnarly, grizzled, nasty-looking (using myself as a model, here)
      > extreme-astronomers in dressed in distressed leather, all with full-color
      > tattoos of the TMB logo proudly displayed on our bulging
      > (biceps/beer-bellies -- choose at least one) and all with Harleys with TMB
      > 80's welded onto the handlebars, all in different colors, customized by Mike
      > -- it might draw in a whole new crowd of "young people" into the hobby and
      > maybe even spawn a bad tv series...
      > NAH! :-)
      > Norm Rubenstein again up past his bed time and delirious
      > On 4/1/04 12:17 AM, "W. Gondella" <strehl985@...> wrote:
      > > That's the idea, Mike! But as in all cases, I recommend that you not try to
      > > use it while
      > > driving (especially with a supercharger). Bring the focus in through the roof
      > > and have
      > > the person in the passenger seat man the optics while the driver keeps his
      > > attention on
      > > the road. We don't want to cause accidents or give astronomers a bad name!
      > > :)
      > >
      > > Wayne E. Gondella
      > > AFA Engineering, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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