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1498Re: Ob Rpt Moon Last Night

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  • thefamily@charleston.net
    Jun 1, 2001
      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the info. I checked out the webbsite. Given your
      thoughts on mounts I'm leaning toward the 130. Better to only have to
      buy the tube assembly and use a mount I already have. Can you help
      with whatever (mounting plate, etc.?) I need to mount the scope on the
      Leaving this A.M. for a Dressage show in Raleigh (my wife
      Stephanie's big hobby). Horses are definately not my thing. Also will
      visit my son for his 20th birthday. Will be back next Wed. I'll try to
      come to a decision soon.
      One final thought. Have you considered a folded tube assembly for
      larger, 8-10", scopes? That could cut down on mount cost and housing
      space. Thanks again.


      > --- In tmboptical@y..., thefamily@c... wrote:
      > > Thanks for the review Tom. As both a lunar observer and
      > >collector of lunar map/atlases and books you have certainly hit
      > >many of the high marks. There are other important works like
      > >Schroeter, but your list is the creme de la creme. I once passed up
      > >a two Vol. Kreiger for $700 Many years ago!!
      > Never look back, it only hurts. I can't tell you how many times
      > I passed up on a rare astronomy book, and now regret it.
      > >I have never seen another copy for sale although I did find a copy
      > >of his Monde Atlas, Triest, 1898 on E-Bay!
      > You're very luck to have that!
      > >The 2 Vol. Kreiger and the Consolidated Atlas remain on the top of
      > >my want list.
      > Same here.
      > > Lunar Observing is one of my very favorite things to do.
      > >am wrestling with the idea of a TMB apo for just that (plus
      > >planetary and double stars). My choices are between the 5"
      > >(130mm) and the two 7" (175,180mm). Is an A-P 400 mount O.K.
      > >for the 130?
      > Sure, the AP 400 would be an excellent choice for the TMB 130mm.
      > >How about the A-P 600 on wooded tripod for either the 175mm or the
      > >180mm? Visual only.
      > You could mount the 7" TMB's on an AP 600, but it would not be
      > a stable platform.
      > >Where can I get additional specs like weight, recommended mounts
      > >etc.? The Astronomics webbsite is great but doesn't have that info?
      > Check my web site:
      > www.apm-telescopes.de/tmboptical/index.htm
      > >Thanks for your time !!
      > Thank you,
      > Thomas
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