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  • szareh
    Mar 1, 2004

      Thank you all for your interest and support. I have a call to a few
      laser engraves and expect to hear from them in the next couple of
      days. I have also contacted Danco (thank you Tim and Harvey for the
      information) and expect to hear back from them tomorrow.

      Basically we have three options.

      1. TMB logo laser engraved (no finish added other than basic

      2. TMB Optical engraved or machined (also no finish added other
      than basic anodizing)

      3. TMB logo "Deep image processed (Danco does this)

      The least expensive and the fastest method would be TMB optical
      machined in the cap. The most desirable method would probably be
      the logo done by Danco Deep image processing which will be in
      matching TMB colors.

      To give you a better idea, I will try to get a sample of each method
      done. I will then post photos in the photo section of the group. I
      will also provide prices as soon as I have them. These prices will
      be not be marked up and will be the amount PWT is charged for the
      service. Please do keep in mind, all anodizers have a minimum
      charge, so the higher the number of orders the lower the cost of
      engraving/machining and anodizing.

      Thank you again.

      Shahin Zarehparvar
      Particle Wave Technologies

      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Tube Tim" <potentate@s...> wrote:
      > >--- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "buddy" <maxwebhead@m...>
      > > Hi Harvey
      > > Count me in
      > > The reason I opted for this option, is that i cant see in my
      > > eye, what the TMBLogo anodized would look like
      > > Buddy
      > Hope this helps:
      > http://www.danco.net/danco.cfm?p=4
      > It looks like this company can take a digital photo and anodize it
      > into a product.
      > ___
      > Tim
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