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13835Re: Poor Seeing

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  • marketparticipant
    Feb 5, 2004
      > I have a 90mm f/10 doublet refractor that I rebuilt a few years
      ago. It now has a
      > collimatable cell, better baffling, a 2" focuser, and all aligned
      properly--- it actually
      > performs quite well, sharpness, contrast and even color-wise, it's
      a honey. I usually put
      > it on a CI-700 mount--- a bit of a lug, but I could also put it on
      an el cheapo GEM I
      > still have around, just for that purpose! :) Hmmm.
      > If things don't look good (or just barely), then I haven't invested
      a lot of work, but can
      > still get some pretty nice views. And if the view is shockingly
      good, it won't but take a
      > moment to run in and get one of my "real" telescopes.
      > WG


      While I'm a firm believer in mount "overkill", I think the CI-700
      with a 90mm refractor just to check out the seeing might bring new
      meaning to the word!

      I've actually thought about attaching a cheap finder mount to a post
      outside and taking a 50mm RA finder with a high-mag EP out just to
      check out the seeing.

      I have a TV76 on a Bogen 3051 with a Lapides modified Teegul on
      order. (Yes, I know, the Bogen 3051 is overkill.) As far as I know,
      the modified Teegul is the only clutchless alt-az that also has fine
      motion controls - which is why I bought it. This scope actually gets
      used more for terrestrial viewing.

      I probably should have bought a TMB 80 f/6 instead of the TV76. The
      lateral color in the TV76 bothers me, although I'm not sure it isn't
      the eyepiece (I can see it with a 24mm Panoptic, for example). The
      TMB 80 f/6 seems to be the only APO triplet in it's size on the

      I'm still working on a "real" telescope - a 4-6" APO on a equatorial
      mount is probably next.

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