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13750Re: [tmboptical] Re: Poor Seeing

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  • W. Gondella
    Feb 3, 2004
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      Subject: [tmboptical] Re: Poor Seeing

      > Sometimes the best source of real-time, raw data is taking your own
      > small refractor on a alt-az mount outside for a quick peek...
      > It's so rare that the seeing is really good. It makes sense to have
      > a good understanding of the weather - something I need to read up on.
      > Brad

      I have a 90mm f/10 doublet refractor that I rebuilt a few years ago. It now has a
      collimatable cell, better baffling, a 2" focuser, and all aligned properly--- it actually
      performs quite well, sharpness, contrast and even color-wise, it's a honey. I usually put
      it on a CI-700 mount--- a bit of a lug, but I could also put it on an el cheapo GEM I
      still have around, just for that purpose! :) Hmmm.

      If things don't look good (or just barely), then I haven't invested a lot of work, but can
      still get some pretty nice views. And if the view is shockingly good, it won't but take a
      moment to run in and get one of my "real" telescopes.

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