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13732Re: Poor Seeing and a Note on TMB Super Monos

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  • marketparticipant
    Feb 2 5:12 PM
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      > Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 12:08 PM
      > Subject: [tmboptical] Poor Seeing and a Note on TMB Super Monos
      > > Well, I made it to the Farm. May I say this. I follow the
      > > very closely, being interested in things like CLEAR SKIES. I just
      > > want to tell you the weather service doesn't know the difference
      > > between Clear Skies and Overcast/Cloudy skies where you can
      > > see the moon through the clouds but that's it.
      > Jim,
      > I am constantly frustrated at what the weather people call "clear"
      and even more so when a
      > totally clear evening does pop up unexpected, and the weather
      forcast didn't even
      > *suggest* the possibility that a total clearing might happen.
      > Sometimes I think most of these folks are just talking heads, and
      wouldn't know an isobar
      > from an occluded front to a mamatocumulous cloud, if their life
      depended on it.
      > WG

      I find "Clear Sky Clock" to be very useful. It's a weather forcast
      for astronomy - gives detailed, hour-by-hour forcasts for the next 48
      hours, including seeing, transparency, and cloud cover. Forecast for
      over 1700 locations, mostly in the U.S.

      Clear Sky Clock's home page is http://cleardarksky.com/csk/.
      Definitely worth 'seeing' if there's a forcast location near you.

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