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12693Re: New APM lightweight tubes w/Feathertouch Focuser

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  • zeissnut
    Dec 4, 2003
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      I just recieved one from APM with a 100/800 lens
      mounted in it. Initial impressions are very positive.
      Fit and finish are superb. I had been concerned about
      whether the sliding drawtube might wobble and affect
      collimation, but it is very tight even with the locking
      screw loose -- no sideways motion or wobble that I can
      detect -- if there is any wobble its not more than Jupiter
      diameter. Hopefully it stays that way; time will tell.
      Sliding dewcap is a bit tight and some effort to move,
      but may be just stiff from newness; better than having
      a droopy one. FeatherTouch is wonderful, of course.
      Nice deep slip-on metal lens cap; not likely to fall off.
      I personally would like to see a handle on top of the
      rings; this one did not have a handle and tube is a
      bit too fat to grip with one hand. And of course the
      best part is the optics! - John B.

      > So, I'm looking at APM's new 102/800 in a lightweight alu. tube
      > w/Feathertouch Focuser. Does anyone have experience with these tubes?
      > If so, what have been your experience. Thanks
      > Steve Chavez
      > Denver
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