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11988Re: [tmboptical] Re: Color Correction

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  • Richard Chalfan
    Oct 9, 2003
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      --- wjburg <wjburg@...> wrote:
      I was thinking, if someone really wanted to customize
      an instrument for use on one special object or
      situation, such as Mars, would it be worth while to
      go all the way and also tailor the eyepieces to that
      application? Photographers often choose a film to
      compliment their subject.

      Would it be practical? I don't know. Thomas is the
      one to provide that answer.

      In concept, the answer is yes.

      You certainly can, with modern computer design
      software, compute correction distributed through the
      whole system. Of course, you might no longer have any
      interchangability outside of your system specific
      components. But this might be OK for someone seeking
      truly optimum performance.

      But I don't know if there would be a benefit with
      today's fine optics. Perhaps for some situations.

      For planetary observation I doubt it. Optically, a
      fine apo like a TMB is already about as good as you
      can get on axis. So too with an eyepiece like the TMB
      Monocentric, again on axis. Each is designed to stand
      alone. But Tom would need to tell us if he could have
      achieved a "sensible" gain if he had designed them
      together. My guess is no, you could never perceive
      the difference even if the design software said there
      were a little bit.

      For wide field viewing, my guess is their might be
      something to gain. This is Thomas' forte! But if he
      hasn't already investigated doing this, it might be
      very time consuming for him to provide a difinitive

      So Thomas, maybe someday when you have time?

      There is an interesting historical question here too.
      Perhaps Thomas can answer it too. Did any of the
      early telescope makers like Fitz, Clark or Zeiss to
      name a few (or modern manufacturers for that matter);
      ever deliver astronomical telescopes where the
      objective and eyepieces were optimized as a system and
      needed to be used together?


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