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11944Re: [tmboptical] Re: Color Correction

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  • W. Gondella
    Oct 6, 2003
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      I think (know) Richard only intends, in the best way, to make meaningful contributions
      here. And he does every time. Richard certainly knows what he is talking about, and
      offers his thoughts generously, and with no thought of trying to appear as the "resident
      expert", compete with, or to try to upstage Tom.

      I don't know why anyone would, or might, think that, anyway.

      What little time Tom has had to share with us has been entirely in support and agreement
      with Richard's comments and deductions, so Richard must be generally on the "straight and
      narrow," and I feel glad Richard is willing to contribute his thoughts when others,
      especially Tom, might otherwise be too distracted with demanding work to do so himself as
      often as he might like.


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      From: "Richard Chalfan" <rchalfan@...>
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      Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 6:08 PM
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      > Indeed I do, and were Tom not so busy he might well
      > have gotten involved when the thread started and I
      > might not have posted at all!
      > There have been several threads during Tom's recent
      > "busy" (OK; frenetic, hectic, impossibly overworked)
      > period where one or another of us delved into
      > technical topics or answered questions where Tom might
      > otherwise have led the discussion. But he simply
      > hasn't had the time to get involved.
      > I don't feel anyone has tried to upstage Tom though, I
      > know I can't.
      > R
      > --- wjburg <wjburg@...> wrote:
      > > Richard,
      > >
      > > With due respect I hope you realize you are talking
      > > with one of the
      > > choir masters.
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