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  • tmboptical
    Sep 3, 2003
      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "ericj" <ericj@f...> wrote:
      > How was the Black Forest Star Party? Any interesting scopes or
      > Thanks,
      > Eric

      Hi Eric and everyone,

      I'm back from the star party and the short vacation. The
      Black Forest Star Party was a great time, even with the poor
      weather the first "official" day (a lot of people were there
      1 to 5 days before the start).

      The skies on Saturday were good, transparency the best early
      on, the seeing better later on. We hunted down faint galaxies
      near showcase objects, through the good larger dobs, and it
      was very easy to see them, even with the skies about .5 mag
      worse than the very best nights at Cherry Springs. Passed
      midnight, Mars was best seen through Rick Singmaster's 12.5"?
      f/4.5 Zambuto, and the TMB 6mm Mono. Rick said that the TMB
      Monos were the first eyepieces that didn't show spherical
      aberration with less than a 6 element eyepiece (rightly
      so), at f/4.5. During the best seeing with the 12" and the
      TMB 6mm Mono, the views were really excellent, the best on the
      field, and this was confirmed by many who used the telescope/
      eyepiece combination. The 7mm Nagler type 6 looked like too
      much power, but when we put the 6mm Mono in, we saw better
      detail, contrast and it seemed like just the right power.

      Tim Povlick and his wife, Jeff Larko and his wife, Gary Moors,
      Harvey Gryttenholm, and many other friends and customers were
      there. We had a great time talking about optics, telescopes,
      and talked about our observations through the various telescopes.
      I wish Wayne Gondella could have made it, maybe next year.
      Thank you Wayne for your very comprehensive review of the TMB
      Super Monocentrices.

      I was too busy to hear the talks, but I heard that they were
      very good. All in all, one of the best star parties, and I
      will be there next year, and hope the group members can make it.

      I'm now many days behind in my work, and will start working
      on getting telescopes and eyepiece orders out. I will also
      contact people on the third list for the TMB Super Monocentrics.
      Please allow me to get to all this work. I will ship your
      telescopes and eyepieces as soon as I possibly can. Thank you
      for your patience.

      Thomas Back
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