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11133Re: BFSP WAS : Lurking and surfacing

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  • Tube Tim
    Sep 1, 2003
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      >--- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "ericj" <ericj@f...> wrote:
      > Hi Tim:
      > >FWIW I saw and used the Denkmeier (latest model) at BFSP.
      > How was the Black Forest Star Party?
      > Any interesting scopes or observations?

      It was a good gathering I'd say. Friday was clouded out. Saturday
      afternoon I did get a look through Russ's (of Denlmeier) (at least I
      think it was his) 90mm Coronado H-alpha filter in a TAK. It was using
      the Denkmeier BV. Outstandingly nice views when the sun finally
      peeked out at around 4PM.

      Saturday night was, luckily, clear. The Milky Way was way evident.
      IIRC TMB called the skies mag 6.2, who am I to argue. It seemed like
      the transparency was down a bit but the gaps between stars was black.
      Seeing never was great, but satisfactory.

      The scope field was not overly crowded but certainly not empty, just
      the right density. I spent some time looking thru a 12.5 - f/4.5
      Starmaster scope. At first some DSO work, M31 etc. Finally Mars was
      reasonably high (much lower in the sky than I'm used to at 32 Deg N
      :-) ) but the views thru this scope with a TMB 6mm mono was really
      great. A hook in the polar ice cap was readily evident. I'm not sure
      if this was Dan's scope (from Canonsburg) or Rick's. I meet Dan last
      year at the BFSP and I he's a real cool dude.

      I forgot who it was that had a nice 15" refractor, but this guy was a
      real sharp observer. He was hunting interesting objects close to the
      premier objects that people often overlook. An example is the little
      galaxy near M13. There was another faint galaxy that I wasn't able to
      see but our intrepid leader was able to spot. Another feature was the
      propeller in M13, that was pretty cool. It was really fun hanging
      with this gentleman for a bit.

      A Celestron 14" SCT was giving some nice views of Mars also. My
      session with it was cut short due to dew, but the owner was taking
      care of it with a hot air gun.

      I think there was a 30" on the field but I didn't make it over to it.

      The air was damp as was the ground and the temp was supposed to be in
      the low 40's. I was more than happy to call it quits at 2AM. By then
      it seemed like the sky was getting a bit of a high haze.

      There were several people from the group that were at BFSP and it was
      a pleasure to meet them in person.

      All in all it was a pleasent experience and the people with the scopes
      were very cordial.

      Tim Povlick
      Pittsburgh, PA

      > Thanks,
      > Eric
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