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1048Re: [tmboptical] TMB105/6.2 on the Moon

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  • k5apl@cs.com
    May 1 5:42 AM
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      Hello Buddy
      Night before last I had my 100/8 out on Luna too. Had a GIRO 2 w/Bogen tripod
      And I saw the same optical illusion!
      I was messing around with a 4mm UO ortho and The Klee 2.8x Barlow, 560x, and
      craters seemed to invert and instead of indentions, they became hills on a
      flat surface.
      That was wierd. I now know that I am not the only crazy one.
      The 100/8 was outstanding at reasonable powers, but detail was visible at the
      high power". Someday I would like to try the TAKs or Pentax eyepieces.
      Have fun,
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