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Want a better Son! 9-11-09 U CAN! Read how~

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    First let me say I m not affiliated w/ Mark or YMUW--I am a TL parent, yoga/pilates instructor, bodyworker and more importantly A MOM! My intention is to pass
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      First let me say I'm not affiliated w/ Mark or YMUW--I am a TL parent, yoga/pilates instructor, bodyworker and more importantly A MOM! My intention is to pass the word about something that I found extremely beneficial to our family and more importantly to my son, Dimitri, personally. My son attended the young men's ultimate weekend in 2007 as did my friend's son--I was astonished w/ their attitude when they both came back. In all honesty the awesome behavior lasted half a year for D' but that's half a year more than what I would have gotten & every SEED planted stays ROOTED somewhere in the depths of who he is--right! Although Dimitri is already a great person--respectful, generous, kind, helpful, smart, gr8 grades, capable, fit, strength emotionally/physically/mentally, etc to name a few--some of these qualities get very much lost between us as parent/child or negatively skewed! Outside of my home he is a delight & I couldn't be more proud! When he's at home asking him to do tasks/chores &/or homework is the equivalent of asking him to pull his own teeth out w/ an antiquated dental chisel & mallet! When he came back from ymuw it was like someone gave me a new son. This "new" son often took part in helping around the house, helping me in general WITHOUT ever being asked by ME! He generated an entirely new perspective in helping out & being a great son! He'd even go the distance at other friends' homes! For example, I got a call one day from a girlfriend (our son's are friends) asking my why my son decided to help her fold her laundry and do her dishes! B4 ymuw he would help IF ASKED by someone but as far as I knew he never willingly w/out encouragement just dug in to lending a hand w/ housework & what nots for anyone! Also, he just seemed happier & more proud all around! Had a higher sense of self-worth & self-esteem. He came back w/ tools to use in life--for challenges & dealing w/ everyday situations. I can also attest that my friend's son who also went to the weekend that year had a dramatic change, yes from three days--even greater than Dimitiri. Prior to ymuw, he helped out no where, unless paid--& that work was drag your feet attitude & still complained or if at home it was under threat of no video games. He too came back not only helpful, he treated his little kid sister wonderfully! That friend is sending her son as is a couple of other friends who know/saw the difference it made. I don't know what happens out there over that weekend, but man it is effective! Had D' not eventually drifted back to that against mom at all odds mentality I would have wondered & asked what did they do w/ my son! SO--he's going back this year. The weekend is Sept 11, 09. Mark has dropped the price for the weekend to $100--well worth it. He will also, if needed, make a payment plan w/ you, just ask him. Mark Schillinger (local chiropractor) & Richard Platt (local LMFT) will be two of the many men guiding our young men! Mark's numbers are: Mark Schillinger 472 3292 (home or cell) & 491 0959(o). There of course other contact numbers on ymuw webpage which I listed below. Please, I'm happy to discuss my son's experience w/ you further if you'd like but I'm not a big email checker so call my cell 2610995 Cheers, Puni

      I know some wont check out the website not knowing anything so here's a little 411.


      Purpose of the Weekend

      To provide young men with a weekend filled with incredible fun and challenges, while building a foundation for a confident and successful adulthood, through learning the importance of teamwork, developing a sense of accomplishment and acquiring leadership skills.

      In the best of circumstances, every adolescent male faces a vast array of stressful changes: new relationships, greater expectations from family and community, a rapidly changing body, the need to communicate clearly and an uncertain future simmering in a stew of testosterone. He faces the formidable foes of alcohol, drugs, gang violence, anxiety and depression.

      All of these challenges often occur in the absence of a full-time father or a father figure. Is it any wonder that studies state many young men, regardless of socio-economic background, feel sadness and even fear at the prospect of becoming adults? Research shows that adolescence is a critical stage for a young man's future success and happiness. Unfortunately, most young men are not being mentored and are being misguided by their friends and the media.

      The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend directly resolves the root cause of these problems: the lack of initiation and mentoring. We've helped over a thousand young men become respectable and responsible for themselves and for others.

      Why Young Men Need an Initiation

      For thousands of years, cultures gave young men the right learning experiences to learn how to handle the wins and losses of life and how to fulfill their potential. At a formal initiation, they were guided by adult men of integrity who showed them how to become confident and independent. The women and children supported the men and eagerly anticipated the completion of this milestone episode.

      This time-honored activity fulfills the most fundamental need of a young man: to know his rightful place in the universe and his community. Through this realization a young man knows that he is a unique and special creation who is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of his community.

      Societal reverence for this inherent role was a powerful source of identity, self-respect and direction for young men. Without the training and esteem of the community for acting in this gallant, protective capacity, young men can become apathetic and confused. It is the responsibility of the community to give young men the opportunity to be at peace with themselves and the world around them.

      The young men who attend our Weekend come from diverse socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds. We do not inquire about their sexual orientation. We are non-sectarian; we do not espouse any institutional religion. More than 50% of the youth attending the YMUW originate from divorced homes, however, our program is intended for all young men, ages 13-20.
      What is The RIGHT Way®? The RIGHT Way recognizes there is no one right way to become physically healthy, mentally clear or spiritually enlightened. It is a method that guides you in the discovery of your life philosophy, by revealing to you your highest virtues and deepest values then transforming them into positive beliefs and productive behaviors.

      The RIGHT Way® is not an organized religion and does not require any adherence to fixed doctrines or specific ways of being. It simply shows you how to find the right answers within your own Intelligence and then apply them to all areas of your life. Using this system will allow you to master your pursuits of personal fulfillment and family unity.

      What is RIGHT? RIGHT is an acronym that honors these virtues and values in the highest regard:
      Respect -- esteeming everyone with reverence
      Intelligence -- applying your intuition and experience to develop wisdom
      Grace -- engaging in heartful acts of courage and courtesy
      Humor – celebrating with amusement and joy
      True -- living with integrity so that you can trust yourself
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