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  • Thomas Carry
    Apr 25 7:27 PM
    On Friday, April 25, 2014 4:39 PM, Daniel Dardon <takedown01@...> wrote:

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    Subject: SRJC

    Coach; I would like your help getting some information out to your senior wrestlers. Our campus tour is coming up on May 4th. If you have anyone interested in going to SRJC and joining the wrestling team, they need this information.  I have attached some important information for new students that I recently sent to everyone on my email roster...unfortunately I know I'm missing some of your guys. Please pass it along and/or send me their contact information and I'll contact them directly.

    Thanks for your help. I hope to see you May 3rd at the REWOCA dinner. Jake

    Jake Fitzpatrick
    Head Wrestling Coach

    Santa Rosa Junior College
    1501 Mendocino Avenue
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

    cell: 707-495-1583
    office: 707-527-4411
    Fax 707-524-1752

    "The journey to the top of the mountain is difficult but that is where you get the best view."

    From: William Lyon [wlyonsrhs@...]
    Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 5:27 PM
    To: Aaron Pen-Kruger; Alex Cruz; Alex Duerr; Andre Salinas; Andrew Frazier; Andrew Wheeler; Andrew Wolocatiuk; Armando Chavira; Bernie Norvell; Bill Borges; Bob Harbaugh; Bob Harbaugh; Brett Colombini; Brian Hunt; Brian Tiewater; Brook Bounaccorsi; Brook Bounaccorsi; Chase Marsi; Chris Feder; Cody Bagley; Cody Howe; Cody Mason; Damien Mason; Dan Dennis; Dan Lincoln; Danny Dardon; David Hernandez; Dennis Davis; Dennis Davis; Denny Plyler; Dino Maiorello; Don Donaldson; Emmanuel Boyd; Eric Brielmaier; Fred Ayres; Fred Ayres; Fred Duerr; Gary Cavender; Greg Robinson; Hector Sandoval; Issac Raya; Fitzpatrick, Jake; James Berry; Jami Wheeler; Jason Mora; Jason Tostado; Jim Pera; Jim Poindexter; Jim Smither; Joe Luna; Johann Gerlach; John Pedersen; John Sachs; Jon Jimenez; Joseph Dennison; Junior Villegas; Kenji Gutierrez; Kenny Dixon; Kevin Guinn; Kyle Baird; Kyle Lew; Louie Chavez; Max Marsall; Micah Perrin; Mitchell Blanchard; Mykel-Lynn Aparicio; Nico Saldana; Pablo Ortiz; Pancho Manriquez; Paul Schloesser; Quintin Shawk; Rich Carnation; Rodney Whenson; Roger Bubel; Ron Lunsford; Ronnie Campos; Ryan Stevens; Scott Hayman; Scott Spratt; Seann Henry; Shane Williams; Thomas L Carry; Tim Bruce; Tim Weidemier; Tommy Howard; Tony Albini; Tristian Morales; Tyler Christiansen; Weidemier, Scott; William Lyon
    Subject: Please RSVP for the Banquet

    We need solid numbers for the banquet by Monday, and only a handful of you have replied. We have already paid for the deposit, so we don't want to kill it.  Please respond to this email with the number of tickets you want by Sunday so we can get the final number to the restaurant.

    Here is the info:

    1.  The REWOCA Banquet is on May 3, 2014, at Sally Tomatoes (same as last year)
        *  Sally Tomatoes (http://www.sallytomatoes.com/) same place as last year
        *  5:30 no host bar
        *  6:30 dinner
        *  7:30 or so awards and speeches and stuff
        *  You must RSVP to Will Lyon before Sunday, April 27. Before is great.
        *  If you back out after April 28, you still have to buy the ticket. (Dan took it in the shorts last year because a few people RSVPed but didn't come).
        *  $32.50 per ticket (that includes tip)

    Already reserved tickets:

    REWOCA Banquet, May 3, 2014
    Name    #      Owes
    Jason Mora      2      $65.00
    Dan Lincoln    2      $65.00
    Jon Jimenez    1      $32.50
    Pablo Ortiz    2      $65.50

    William Lyon
    2424 San Joaquin Ct
    Santa Rosa, Ca 95401

    No excuses, just solutions.