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1551Open Room 4/5/14

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  • Nate K
    Apr 4 10:23 AM
      I will be opening the wrestling room up from 11am-12 tomorrow, Saturday 4/15/14. Come by and wrestle around, tell everybody that is not in a sport. Also Morgan has sent a physical assessment plan so he can better create a personalized lifting plan for YOU.

      Inidivduals I expect to see tomorrow:
      Lucs (I don't know if he gets these emails so someone text him - I'm looking at you Hisham)
      Jose (someone tell him)
      Wasey (I know you aren't doing track anymore so come by)
      Alex "I eat 4x4's" Wahl
      Jeremy "Frank" Naftzger (someone make sure he knows and drags him to the room)

      Remember guys, if you come by the room you will get better! Ask Mike, why do you think he has such a good arm spin and a decent low single...huh...that was my doing.

      Nathan Katzman