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1443Re: [tlwrestling] Drivers organized for TL Wrestling Events.

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  • Wong, Jason (USMS)
    Dec 6, 2013
      Coach TC:

      As I look at the schedule, other than the League matches, and the Green and Gold Tourney on 12-14, there appears to be separate Tournaments for the JV and Varsity on Saturdays, thus there needs to be a driving team for each squad.

      Am I correct?


      Jason K. Wong
      Senior Inspector
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      From: Thomas Carry [mailto:thomaslcarry@...]
      Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 04:11 PM Central Standard Time
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      Subject: [tlwrestling] Drivers organized for TL Wrestling Events.

      Request to parents that signed up to be drivers for TL Wrestling events. 

      Upon further review of Coaches' Handbook...  

      Transportation: BP3541.1 and BP3541.1
      The District may provide transportation for athletes to and from athletic events by contract with private transportation providers to the extent that funds are available for this purpose. Coaches should work with the AD as early as possible to make arrangements for out-of-county events. When funds are not available, the District will neither authorize nor arrange for the transportation athletes by private automobile. Rather, students and/or their parents will be expected to assume responsibility and make their own arrangements for transportation to practices and contests. Coaches should tell athletes when and where they should meet for a competition. Coaches are never to provide transportation for students. Team parent(s) can make arrangements for teams where district-provided transportation is unavailable. 

      That said,  I have discussed it with TL administration and have been told verbally that on a case by case basis a coach may provide a ride... However, the situation's should be the exception and not normally the case.

      Request to identify a proactive parent to organize drivers for wrestlers to all TL wrestling events.  This Parent does not necessarily have to drive themselves... organizing is half the fun.

      The Next event needing drivers is SAT. 12/14 at San Marin High School.

      Weigh - in, is at 7:00 AM Sharp.  I would like the TEAM to be at San Marin High School at 6:30 Sharp.
      I will still provide e-mail reminders for events, dates, times and most importantly changes as they occure.

      There is 18 wrestlers still on the Team, 16 eligible and 15 Parents that signed up are as follows:

      John Gaines, Karin Schellenbersa (events in FEB.), Chip Cooper, Jose Chavez, Jeanine / Mike Mcnamara, Elayne Graylow, Sam Bellicini, Jackie Schauer, Chris Walther, Elizabeth Spartain, Jason Wong, Michael Collins, Juan Flores, Nick Shihodeh.

      Thank you to the Parent(s) that are able to organize and make this happen.

      Yours in Wresting,
      Coach Carry
      TROJANS:  Team - Respect - On time - Justice - Action - Never satisfied - Success



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