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    KevinFrancis Ramey Aug 3, 2003
  • --- Big Dave wrote: > I just received a Civil Summons from one of my > creditors CitiBank. I > have 30 days in which to respond. > > They want me to serve a copy of my written answer to > the complaint. > So what do I tell them, how do I reply? (I would > like to tell them to > go to Hell). I've always found silence is golden works well on any matter... If they can't garnish or...
    KevinFrancis Ramey Aug 1, 2003
  • --- doer_777 wrote: > A friend asked me this question -- which would seem > to give judges > unlimited power. Perhaps there is somone here that > has the answer. > > "asn't there a law passed in ~1976 that gave judges > full authority to > interpret law any way they want?" > > --George I don't know if this answers the quetion but there is much on this subject bellow to study and...
    KevinFrancis Ramey Jul 28, 2003
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