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  • cuke64
    Hi, I found your groups while doing an internet search for free divorce . Already Being a yahoo user made it easy to join. I would like to post a question
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2005
      I found your groups while doing an internet search for "free
      divorce". Already Being a yahoo user made it easy to join. I would
      like to post a question regarding something I want to do and it is
      court related. I don't know if posting it in this message is the
      best way to start out my membership here but what do I have to lose??
      I'd like to affirm that I believe in the justice system and
      acknowledge that it's a necessity. I'm in an area of my life where I
      constantly think about "what's the meaning of life" And I admire the
      fact that we in the USA are entitled to a "free" education. What I
      get miffed about ALOT is the fact that knowledge is still being
      withheld from our hungry minds unless we PAY dearly for
      that "special" knowledge. I appreciate that we have fields of
      profession and degrees are given to people who are really really
      smart :)
      One of the strangest things imo is the fact that we go in front of a
      judge and plea a case but depending on how swift our attorneys are
      and how well they can remind the judge of what the law is....
      determines if we are guilty or not.. LoL its nuts to me and I
      think.. WoW that attorney really did well in convincing the judge
      about whats legal and whats NOT. The kicker for ME is I believe that
      daggone judge should be able to already know what the HALE is going
      on and be able to tell the plaintiff where he is in default.
      OOPS.... sorry! I seem a bit ranty (I am).

      My circumstances are like this.
      I had a baby in Jan 2002. Married the father in 2002. Father moved
      from home Oct 2002. I looked at the "free divorce" application at
      the website http://www.freedivorceforms.net/main.php
      and I see a place at the top that says (your states info) Put your
      state here. I have no idea where to get that info other than typing
      in Kentucky.. which Im sure there must be more to it than that??
      Also, I see a place where you are to type in a "statute" and I have
      no idea where I should go to locate that info.
      And finally.... the part of the divorce petition that says how many
      children we had during this marriage.... well i'm confused on that
      because we were NOT married when the child was born, However,
      Paternity HAS been established through dna court testing. (he
      insisted on the test as a means to prolong judgement on child
      support) He and I have an acceptable relationship as friends at this
      time. The only reason the courts were involved in the child support
      thing in the first place is because i was on welfare checks for three
      months. He has paid all of that money back to the state at this time
      and I have gone to the child support attorney and withdrawn their
      services. My husband recently had open heart surgery, his education
      is minimal and his employment is odd jobs here and there. I admit
      that's not the best choice of a mate in life but we were having fun
      and loved each other in a special way, then.
      The way it stands right now is we are exercising what we call a joint
      custody and the child stays with me (most of the time) and stays with
      Husband (at other times).
      I'm guessing that a filing fee for the court clerk is pretty hefty
      but if i could do most of the paperwork I think I could actually
      budget a divorce.
      I appreciate some advice on this and I'm sorry this post is soooooooo
      K Jones cuke64@...
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