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which C/citizen, which jurisdiction

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  • hobot
    Followed as logically historically religously as there s evdience to follow in the gramar of the times... Orginal Amercians were called the Posterity. They
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2005
      Followed as logically historically religously as
      there's evdience to follow in the gramar of the times...

      Orginal Amercians were called the Posterity.

      They were of One People, implying a similar genetics,
      culture, history, traditions, language and faith.

      Dejures were set up and conquored in 1865 then excluded
      from all affairs connected to millitary jurisdiction
      based in Washington DC which then created its own citizens
      instead of allowing new freed chattle people a dejure
      status as once was provided for in Articles of Confederation.

      Dejure status still exists but is applicable only to those
      of northern european descent and born within or made
      a Citizen of a state, by the state they inhabit, if not
      born in a union state orginally. Check state Citizenship's
      renouncing papers of foriegn jurisdicitons prior to 1865.

      The conquering Federal Union made sure that the future
      creation of Citizens was limited to few a home breds and
      prevented states from further creating their own Ciizens
      wheather born within or without their state borders.

      Dejure/state/Citizen of [a] Unitied States, status, requires
      geniology traced before the end of War of Northern Aggression
      or bluff your way thru and simiplely try to live it but
      when facts and proofs get called for, this is what
      logic and history detates as Dejure status. Harsh as
      I can hash it out as documents and courts explain it.

      Any who ever baulked aginst this new jurisdiction was excluded
      from 14th Ad application/'protection' as stated in said 14th.
      The holders of "public debt", of which a 14th United States
      citizen can't guestion, is more hard evidence of which
      United States the code of Internal Revenuers covers.

      Alas the "Radical Republicans" were on a roll and pulled
      war chaos switcheroo of 13th Ad, from no Titles/Nobility
      to the no involuntary slavery/servitude one, if read word
      by word, logic forces implications, so it states US Congress
      has authority to enforce Voluntary servitude. But if
      the south had withdrawn its reps and senators what kind
      of congress was left to legally do this, sheeze!




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