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Attorney Interview Downloaded Over 400 Times

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  • Montie Roland
    Afternoon, Just wanted to keep you informed about what is going on at NCSingleParent.com. This interview has been downloaded over 400 times so far. Montie
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      Just wanted to keep you informed about what is going on at
      NCSingleParent.com. This interview has been downloaded over 400
      times so far.

      Montie Roland


      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 4, 2005

      NCSingleParent.com publishes interview
      with Family Law Attorney Steve Monks

      Press Contact: Montie Roland
      (919) 481-1845

      CARY, N.C. -- NCSingleParent.com newsletter editor Debbie Johnson
      recently interviewed Steve Monks, a family law attorney with The
      Monks Law Firm. The interview, which provides a wealth of valuable
      information for anyone facing the trauma of a divorce, is available
      in its entirety on NCSingleParent.com

      Monks, who also assists with the NCSingleParent.com "Ask An Attorney"
      forum, said, "A divorce is one of the most traumatic situations with
      which anyone can be faced. Anyone who is going through a divorce
      should take the time to get their facts together; this will help them
      avoid potentially costly mistakes."

      More often than not all parties involved in a divorce want it to be
      amicable, but circumstances often make that difficult. Monks
      provides divorcing spouses with tips for avoiding common mistakes, as
      well as suggestions to make the process as painless as possible and
      keep the divorce as agreeable as possible. He emphasizes the
      importance of all parties being honest with their attorneys.

      Additional subjects covered during the interview include dating
      during separation, avoiding large purchases, talking to an attorney
      before negotiating with a spouse, being cordial throughout the
      process, leaving children out of all litigation, and how to deal with
      counseling and medical insurance during separation. He also
      recommends that if someone has interests in the marital residence
      that he or she should not leave until negotiations have been settled.

      Monks goes into greater detail when discussing the special cases of
      domestic violence. He explains how the courts address these issues
      and the immediate needs regarding safety of the spouse and children
      involved. He also warns against the frivolous use of this as a
      measure to expedite a divorce.

      Additional details about Monks' interview will be provided in an
      article in the November issue of Single Parent Times, which you can
      register to receive on the NCSingleParent.com web site at
      www.ncsingleparent.com/newsletter.htm. In addition, Monks describes
      the process of preparing documents and counseling people through the
      part of the process that they can do themselves in articles posted on

      Monks also offers a unique service to his clients as a Litigation
      Coach. He is the only attorney locally who provides this service,
      which is a less costly alternative for people going through family
      law litigation.

      Monks says, "No one knows more about the facts or cares more about
      the outcome than the client."

      The Monks Law Firm is a family law practice that also works with
      minor criminal law and traffic offenses. Their offices are located
      in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. The website is

      NCSingleParent.com features forums specifically aimed at issues
      unique to single parents. The legal issues forum covers child
      support and other divorce and child custody-related issues and is
      moderated by a family law attorney. A financial planner who is also
      a single parent moderates the financial issues forum.
      NCSingleParent.com also features an "Ask a Real Estate Agent" forum.
      Other forums address issues such as separation, divorce and even
      finding help with tasks such as home repair. The site's other
      resources include articles written by other single parents on issues
      such as how to plan a vacation and features event postings for single
      parent-related events and classes in the Triangle area. Montie
      Roland, a single parent and the owner of Cary-based Montie Design
      (http://www.montie.com) designed and founded the NCSingleParent.com
      to be an interactive resource for single parents all across North
      Carolina. E-mail can be sent to info@.... Montie can
      be reached by e-mail at montie@....

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