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child support issue

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  • lallenwa
    9/1/2005 Dear Representatives - I have contacted you in the past regarding a child support issue. I have taken the liberty to enclose at the bottom of this
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2005

      Dear Representatives -

      I have contacted you in the past regarding a child support issue. I
      have taken the liberty to enclose at the bottom of this message my
      original letter to you. I am thankful for the 2-responses I have
      received from the mass mailing I sent out with my original letter.

      I am writing you today because I have one more vital concern
      regarding this child support issue.

      In the 7 (now 8) notices I have received from child support, every
      one of these notices disclosed my full name, social security number,
      and date of birth. All mailed in seperate notices. It appears from
      the last notice I received (last week), that I am missing a notice.
      I am alarmed in that the missing piece of mail could have been
      misplaced, and hence someone is now privy to my personal information
      and I may be the next identity theft victim. How many times have you
      received your neighbor's mail in your box? I have had this happen

      As you are well aware of identity theft issues, and I do see changes
      happening in that credit unions that once used your social security
      number as the account number are no longer practicing this.

      I am perplexed that non-custodial parents are held in such a
      disregard as to have our personal information displayed on notices
      that are put through the US mail.

      I am willing to come to your office and discuss this issue in further
      detail at your request, and I will submit proof of this when asked.

      Thank you for your time,
      Lynda J. Allen
      POB 345
      Milton, WA 98354-0345
      E-Mail = lallenwa@...


      15 August 2005

      To Whom It May Concern:,

      RE: Possibility for new law RE: children, child support, and custody.

      My name is Lynda Allen. I am a non-custodial mother of a 13-year-old
      daughter. I will keep this letter brief and to the point, but would
      like to point you to my website in the event you would like to seek
      further information on my case;
      http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/ALLE3721/mycustompage0002.htm or for a
      faster reference look up "the truth Lynda Allen" on Google and it's
      the top link.

      In 1995, the court granted custody of my daughter (then aged 3 years
      9 mos) to my former boyfriend. I left him after a domestic violent
      incident took place in the presence of my daughter. When I witnessed
      the response of my daughter from seeing her mother getting beaten, I
      knew I could not put her through that again.

      At that time, I had faith in the judicial system and believed that my
      daughter and I could seek protection from him, and we would be spared
      any more violence. I was wrong. After 5+ years of fighting a system
      that does not work, I came to the conclusion that our system not only
      fails to follow it's own rules, but further that it does not work for
      the victims of violence, but rather enables the abuser to continue
      his abuse in other ways.

      Following the death of my father (May 2000), and the illness of my
      mother (Oct 2000), I gave up my battle in the courtroom arena and
      vowed to never return. Since that time, in my spare time I built a
      website to educate other mothers about a system that does not work to
      the detriment of our children, and to expose the truth. The
      remainder of the time I cared for my ailing mother. During that time
      I collected a small income through a COPES program. 5-years came and
      went and I paid my child support through this program while caring
      for my mother. I saw my daughter one time in all those years, and it
      was through a supervised visit that lasted less then 1-hour.

      In May of 2005 my mother passed away. I decided to take a break from
      work, as my "care-giving" job demanded my time 7 days a week, and at
      times 24-7. I'm glad I could be there for my mother, but I am tired
      and needed this break. I opted that I would return to seeking work
      in the fall, this would give me time to take care of my mother's
      affairs, and have a sufficient break.

      On the 12th of August 2005 I checked my mailboxes. I have a mailbox
      in a different county then my personal residence because my violent x
      that has custody of my daughter still hunts my whereabouts. Before I
      left him he told me several times that he would take my life and
      stick my body in a storage facility so that he could have access to
      my daughter. I went into hiding in 1998 because he continued to
      stalk me, driving by my home which at that time was located in a
      separate city then he resides. I have registered my driver's license
      to an old childhood address, knowing he could get information about
      me. I've taken grave measures to keep my location secluded and
      confidential so I could stay safe. He continues to stalk me through
      my estranged Aunt, whose husband had molested my sisters and me when
      we were children. My sisters and I filed suit against this Uncle

      This aunt continues to press family members for information about
      me. I don't understand why my x is so obsessed with me, he got my
      daughter, but apparently he is not satisfied with that.

      In my mailbox on 12-August, I was greeted with 7-envalopes from
      Department of Social and Health Services. They are demanding child
      support from me, and further notifying me that they are trying to
      garnish a bank account that no longer exists.

      Please don't misunderstand my message here, I do believe that there
      are some children that do need the child support and I am not opposed
      to the idea at all of them having it.

      However, what I am writing you about and I hope you will hear me out,
      is that in my case, (and many others I'm certain) child support is
      used as a tool to continue to keep me destitute. I am upset at
      having to pay, and struggle financially and at times can not eat
      because I have no funds. I drive a run down dilapidated vehicle, and
      I rent a place to live. I have no savings, and nothing of value. I
      have no "career" – I've fallen into the minimum wage jobs because I
      lack skills required for good jobs. Anything I make, he takes.

      Lets talk about my x. His name is Mark Richard Inderbitzin and he
      resides in Pierce County. He owns his home and property outright.
      He drives a brand new truck. He has an airplane, boat, and a vintage
      car collection. This is just naming a few items of his "estate". He
      had enough "cash" sitting around that he was able to loan a woman
      some cash in the sum of - $30,458.34 – he now has a judgment against
      her for unpaid funds

      Mark Inderbitzin Vs Gisele Edith Gist Judgement Cause No 99-9-10724-2

      He just built a new large garage on his property.

      Anyone can get information on him via the internet by
      going to the Washington Court Web linx at
      http://www.courts.wa.gov/jis/jis_superior/ and do a search on him.
      To view his property go to
      http://www.piercecountywa.org/cfapps/atr/ePIP/search.cfm and look up
      his home address of 8012 Waller Road East – Tacoma WA 98443. I just
      want you to be able to validate what I say.

      In my current position, I am fighting an overwhelming
      amount of depression. It doesn't matter what I do, I can never get
      ahead of the game. A system that was set in place to protect my
      daughter and I, failed us and I lost my only child. I am not allowed
      to share a life with my daughter, and even if they changed their mind
      and allowed me to visit her at this stage of the game, I'm afraid to
      because it would only be an information gathering for him to further
      his harassment on me.

      I wish that there was a law set in place that mandates child
      CHILD'S LIFE. If the court excludes one parent from the child's
      life, then they should not be held financially responsible. That's
      like paying for a car that was stolen. You don't reap the reward and
      at least with a car you have the option of theft insurance.

      Not only do I have to deal with loosing my child to an abuser, I have
      to remain a destitute woman because my abuser continues to demand
      that I pay 300 a month in child support, for a child that I cannot
      see. I see that his wealth continues to grow, and I remain destitute
      and depressed. This is not the life I had imagined for myself.

      Please don't write back to me with another form letter
      stating: "get a lawyer" – FOR WHAT? The only thing that would
      do at this point is make me rack up another bill or loose a bunch of
      money I don't have to go play in a system that does not work. It is
      not even fair.

      I'm at a place in my life that I am beginning to explore the option
      of suicide – what do I have to live for? Where is the light at the
      end of my tunnel? I've lost my parents prematurely. I lost my only
      child to an abuser and I am not able to see her. I have fought a
      long and hard battle to have all of my efforts lost, and I have
      written many letters to change my situation only to receive the
      standard form letter stating; "get a lawyer". What do I have to
      live for? What happened to my "American dream"? For me, death is
      the only way out. PLEASE GIVE ME A OPTION.

      I have never been a weak minded individual. I have never before
      explored this option. I am begging for someone to change this
      situation for me – and give me a reason to remain. I need a reason.


      Lynda Allen
    • The Childers Family
      Dear Linda, As you know The court system is and always will be for those who have control over another. It is called ward of the court. If you want to
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 2, 2005
        Dear Linda,
        As you know The court system is and always will be for those who
        have control over another. It is called ward of the court.

        If you want to understand anything about money...Money is paper and
        metal. You are the only one who can place value upon it.
        Quote from Federal reserve. " A Federal Reserve note has no value
        except for the goods and services they will buy".
        If you want to be free than tell yourself you are free. The mind
        belongs to who you allow control it. Your comment below tells me you
        have never been weak? But begging is a sign of fear and not faith.
        There are many things in life that I have tried and tried to
        understand. My past was not all that good, but I have faith of
        recovery. A good mentor of mine has told me LET IT GO! It sounds as
        if you are holding on to something? Yes even I had to say... What?
        Except the words and advice have transformed into what I call
        Here is something even Bear has sent me and I consider him an
        outstanding achiever!
        There shall be nothing that gives me pain or causes me unhappiness
        befall me, nor any blows, strokes, wounds, diseases or calamities
        come near my tent.

        Linda, YOU are the only reason... YOU are the only one who can make
        a differance! You must accept faith 100%
        With any negitive thoughts in the mind...It is controlled not by
        you, but others who might not... lets say... have any interest in
        you, but of themselves.

        7:6 â€" I must not give Set Apart things to the dogs, nor must I throw
        my pearls before pigs or they may trample them underfoot and turn
        and attack me.

        7:7-8 â€" I ask and it is given to me. I search and I find. I knock
        and the door is opened to me. When I ask I always receive; when I
        search I always find, and the door is always opened to me when I

        Knock on the door Linda! It will be answered!
        One last thing to remember Linda.

        It is your story, It is your book. You can write it with peace, love
        and joy!

        And thank you for what you gave me in return.
        A story... that tells me... by knocking on the door and having 100%
        faith. I have arrived in a place that nobody can take from me.

        Gary C

        > I have never been a weak minded individual. I have never before
        > explored this option. I am begging for someone to change this
        > situation for me – and give me a reason to remain. I need a
        > Regards,
        > Lynda Allen
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