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Three Family Court Judges and One Commissioner Removed from their Office.

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  • halifaxusa
    There are many groups in the Father s Rights movement that I have come across since I received my Petition for Divorce summons on November 22, 2004. There is
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      There are many groups in the Father's Rights movement that I have
      come across since I received my "Petition for Divorce" summons on
      November 22, 2004. There is much that I have read and much that I
      have heard and much that is being worked on by different persons or
      groups, but I had not found one person or group that could show me
      something that has worked for them or for others and more than once,
      at least that is until now.

      I met a man through the groups that through his efforts and undivided
      mission and commitment of those involved with him have successfully
      removed three Family Court Judges and one Commissioner in California.

      His group is about making it happen without the continuous ego trips,
      bickering and division that is a part of most of the groups I am a
      part of. They are not about being put on a pedestal, but about
      getting the job done. He has agreed to establish the first chapter of
      his organization outside of California in Oklahoma to go after the
      corrupt judges, attorneys and petitioners who commit perjury and
      fraud upon the court on a daily basis.

      As to the organization in California they have also been going
      against CPS and have proof of acts by CPS that are a violation of
      laws and yours and your children's rights. They do investigate every
      area of CPS and family courts and "Yes", these entities do in fact
      get money from the Feds, the state, and you. This is called TRIPLE
      DIPPING; therefore a violation of federal law and not known by
      everyone within the father's groups.

      His intentions are to make an impact throughout the country and
      Oklahoma will be the first chapter outside of California. His
      success is known in the surrounding jurisdictions where he and his
      associates have helped countless fathers and mothers. There is much
      that can be told about their success, but will be left for the

      For this to work in Oklahoma and anywhere else it will require
      commitment to the group and the process that has been developed to be
      followed. It will require for egos, division and bickering to be put
      down for the sake of our children. It will require for all of us to
      work together and could mean working with someone you dislike. It
      will require that your talents and time be committed and utilized to
      some degree for the sake of our children now and for changes to occur
      in the system before our children end up in the same trap.

      I have already met and talked to a few fathers in Tulsa, who are
      excited about what is happening in California and have spoken to the
      group in California. We have already selected the first judge,
      attorney and petitioner that we will proceed against. The one brief
      that is used in California to disqualify and remove a judge is over
      80 pages and needs to be adapted to Oklahoma and eventually to every

      I have set the first meeting for August 21 at one of the Tulsa
      libraries, time and location to be announced, to go over how he does
      it successfully and how we can adapt with his guidance the process
      for Oklahoma.

      Who should come to this meeting?

      Noncustodial parents and grandparents in Oklahoma interested in
      results. If you are one of these you need to be there, if you know
      any of these in Oklahoma, please forward this communication to them.

      I can be contacted at 918-282-9337 24/7 or by email
      (ultimatect@...) concerning your interest to attend the

      James in Tulsa

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