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Re [Don Schwarz]: congratulations and a question

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  • Geoffrey ''Badger'' Gould
    Don Schwarz vigilespaladin@surfgate.net wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2005
      Don Schwarz vigilespaladin@... wrote:
      << If Congress has not authorized an entity to ask for your Social Security number, then 42/408 informs the citizen they don't have to surrender the number.
      Stoughton police officers falsely arrested me in Feb. 2000 and had me chained to a handrail while standing on a cement floor and demanded my Social Security number for the arrest report, even though under Mass. law, there is no authorization for the police to ask for that number.
      The FBI is investigating.
      All false charges against me were dismissed, but I still have a false arrest record. >>

      Years I was once picked up without so much as a warrant by jackboot thugs in the corrupt township of Verona, New Jersey. The "arrresting" thug demanded my SSN, and surprisingly wasn't angered I refused to divulge it, but wouldn't take me before the magistrate either. I sat in a holding cell for seven days unlawfully.
      Another Verona thug, while I was handcuffed (also to a rail) and being "booked," noted aloud, "Y'know, every time you open your mouth, it's just to show how much of the law you know."
      I couldn't believe the straight line.
      My response was simply, and politely toned, "That's ironic: every time any of you open your mouths it's to show how ignorant of the law you are."

      btw, I'd think They (cops, FBI, et al) all have the authority to *ask* for a SSN (as does anyone): they just don't have the authority to *require* its divulgance, or to acquire it from someone who does not volunteer it.

      < Badger >
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