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The "Red Amendment" Re: Good show on firstamendmentradio.com

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  • mel
    Dear (mis)Informed, You read a whole lot more into a simple statement than what was intended, and you are completely wrong about what you are saying. LB is a
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      Dear (mis)Informed,
      You read a whole lot more into a simple statement than
      what was intended, and you are completely wrong about
      what you are saying.
      LB is a fantastic researcher who has thoroughly
      studied the 14th amendment. He calls it the red
      amendment because it was the tool used to bring
      communism into our government, to keep us in "red ink"
      or perpetual debt, and because of the blood shed by
      our young men in wars, due to the 14th amendment.
      Please read the book "The Red Amendment" before you
      judge. Because of the information and research made
      available by LB, people have been able to make IRS
      problems solved, travel without the "National ID", and
      many other problems diminished that will probably
      discussed during the show.
      Bob has been instrumental in defeating traffic
      tickets, felony indictments, and IRS harassment. He
      is currently working on a case against a bank, and is
      prevailing at this time. He is very knowledgeable
      I have known Bob for many years personally.
      Melody Gillespie has had many years of court
      experience, has made cops cry on the stand during
      deposition, and made DAs cry, all judges in the entire
      county recused themselves in her last case. She has
      done many years of research.
      Nicholas Arthur, manager of First Amendment Radio,
      is a very dedicated man, who very much believes in
      freedom of speech. I have known both Melody and
      Nicholas for many years, and I cannot see Nicholas
      ever telling Melody what to say or sensoring her show.
      Melody has been a weight lifter, took wrestling in
      college, and has body slammed grown men. I don't
      think she would hesitate doing the same to Nicholas if
      he even tried to tell her what to say.
      By the way, I e-mailed your letter to each of these
      people, and I was told there has been an update on a
      defeat the IRS has taken that you won't hear on the
      news. I think IRS agents may have been arrested for
      the phony levy thing, and the paperwork that
      accomplished this is going to be discussed on the
      show. -M

      --- Informed Citizens <ED44@...> wrote:

      > I believe your reference is to the AMERICAN CAUSE
      > (LAW) believed to be SELF-EVIDENT as TRUTH.
      > "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all
      > men [Human Persons] are created equal".
      > Later found in our Act for Enforcement of this
      > Self-Evident truth as the "prohibition of Titles of
      > Nobility", in Art. I, Sec. 9 & 10, and it Article
      > IV, Constitution of the United States of America.
      > This "supreme Law of the Land" was further
      > clarified, and re-emphasised, in the 14th Amendment.
      > YES, it is time for us "reds" to rise up against
      > those opposed to the American Cause. Traitors to the
      > supreme Law of the Land.
      > I doubt I will be listening, but I hope this is
      > brought up. Probably not as I suspect they will not
      > permit freedom of speech on this radio, based on the
      > way the announcement was made in this forum.
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