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FBI knew of Oklahoma City bombing in advance

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  • law_self_help
    ... wrote: -------- The Oklahoma City Bombing http://vdare.com/roberts/050526_uncovering.htm Jesse Trentadue learned that the FBI had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
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      "Jesse Trentadue learned that the FBI had informants planted with two groups on
      which McVeigh may have relied: a white supremacist paramilitary training
      compound at Elohim City in Oklahoma and the Mid- West Bank Robbery Gang.
      The implication is that the FBI had advance notice of McVeigh's plans and may
      have been conducting a sting operation that went awry. The FBI has documents that
      name the informants. Teletypes from then- FBI Director Louis Freeh dated Jan. 4,
      1996, and Aug. 23, 1996, confirm that the FBI had informants imbedded with the
      Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang and in Elohim City. In these documents, Freeh
      reports to various FBI field offices that the Elohim City informant (possibly
      explosives expert and German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir) "allegedly has had
      a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh" and "that McVeigh had placed a
      telephone call to Elohim City on 4/5/95, a day that he was believed to have been
      attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OKBOMB attack." The
      FBI denied to federal judge Dale Kimball that any such documents existed. But
      someone had leaked them to Trentadue, and he put them before the judge along
      with an affidavit of their genuineness. Caught red-handed lying to a federal judge,
      the FBI was ordered to produce all documents Trentadue demanded. Kimball gave
      the FBI until June 15, 2005, to deliver the incriminating records. Needless to say, the
      FBI doesn't want to deliver and is attempting every possible dodge to escape
      obeying the judge's order. In his effort to uncover the DOJ's cover-up of his
      brother's murder, Jesse Trentadue may have uncovered evidence of the FBI's failure
      to prevent the bombing of the Murrah Building. It is bad enough that the murder of
      Kenneth Trentadue is covered over with many layers of DOJ perjury and the
      withholding and destruction of evidence. Evidence that the FBI was aware of
      McVeigh's plan to bomb the Murrah Building and failed to prevent the deed would
      be an additional heavy blow to the prestige of federal law enforcement.
      ------------------------------------------------------------- Now the 9/11 Hijackers – they
      lived with an FBI informant http://www.pipeline.com/~rgibson/SDspy.html
      ------------------------------------------------------ Why were these terrorist acts allowed
      to happen - to justify creation of the huge Department of Homeland Security? to
      pass the Patriot Act? To get a reason to occupy oil rich Iraq and Afghanistan which
      needed to be secured for the major oil pipeline being built there from the Caspian
      Sea? --- End forwarded message ---
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