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New Updates on the Families and Fathers Conference June 17 & 18

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  • Dan Diebolt
    We are please to announce that the first 250 attendees at the Families and Fathers Conference will receive a complimentary copy of the books Friend of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005

      We are please to announce that the first 250 attendees at the Families and Fathers Conference will receive a complimentary copy of the books Friend of the Court - Enemy of the Family by Carol Rhodes and Blind Baseball - A Father's War by A Green. In addition the first 250 attendees will receive a Kids NEED BOTH Parents magnetic car ribbon. These materials have been gratiously donated to the conference and nicely complement the 20 hours of conference program which all attendees will receive for the cregistration fee of $60 - abou the cost of fifteen or twenty minutes of an attorney's time.

      Please consider attending the Families and Fathers Conference subtitled "Healing Our Families ~ A Time For Change" which will be held June 17 & 18 at the Detroit Metro Marriot Hotel in Michigan. Please review the attached brochure for recent updates and consult our web page for the latest conference program and news:


      Recent Endorsements:

      "I am delighted to be participating in the June Families and Fathers Conference is Michigan and I hope you will join me in attending. Throughout the conference we will be conducting interviews for a documentary production to educate the public on important family issues such as will be presented in the conference program. Please consider registering for the conference, participating in the national dialog of reform and join me in an interview. Together we will raise the public's awareness of the problems faced by broken families and and identify solutions to this American tradegy."
      - Adryenn Ashley
        Family Alliance Council
        Executive Director of 21st Century Pictures Group

      "In this country the paternal family is treated as though it doesn't exist. Following divorce or the end of a relationship, fathers are routinely stripped of their children and subsequently paternal grandparents have no rights to see their grandchildren. It is formula for a disaster and a disaster it is. This conference addresses the death of the traditional American Family. Join me in attending this conference and restoring the essential and positive role of fathers and grandparents in the lives of our children."

      - A Green
        Author of Blind Baseball - A Father's War

      "As a former Assistant Prosecutor in Saginaw County, a former intern in the Flint City Attorney's office and having served in the Michigan House of Representatives, The Oregon State Senate and as a legislative staff person in for the Alabama House and Senate, I laud the efforts of the sponsors of this extremely important conference to help us to heal families and turn the tide against oppressive state and federal laws that do more to destroy families instead of promoting fair, balanced, objective, impartial and positive resolutions of family law problems."

      "For myself and all others that are similarly situated, attendance at and participation in this upcoming conference on families is a MUST. If you are interested in making a change for the better please join me at the Detroit Metro Airport Marriott June 16, 17 and 18, 2005. "
      - Robert R. Parker, Jr., LL.B.
        Frm. Candidate for Michigan House of Representatives (2000)
        Frm. Assistant Prosecutor, Saginaw Michigan
        Frm. Intern Flint City Attorney's Office
        Frm. Legislative Aide, Michigan House of Representatives
        Frm. Senate Committee Administrator, Business, Housing and Finance, Oregon Senate
        Frm. Legislative Drafting Attorney, Alabama Legislative Reference Service

      "What better way to start the summer of 2005 than to be at the Families and Fathers Conference in Detroit? This is going to be the hottest ticket this year with the largest gathering of Fatherhood leaders to ever assemble in the history of this nation. What better way to kick off a long hot summer of dismantling the divorce industry than to start off in Detroit, Rock City, with a powerhouse line-up!"

      - Gregory Romeo
        Founder and Executive Director - Tulsa Area Fathers Rights Association

      ACFC is pleased to endorse the work of its Michigan affiliate, DADS of Michigan, in organizing the Families and Fathers Conference 2005, subtitled "Healing Our Families ~ A Time For Change." It will be held June 17 & 18 in Detroit, Michigan.

      This conference features an outstanding group of national speakers and promises to be a strong catalyst for advocacy and family law reform. ACFC President Stephen Baskerville will speak to the full conference and participate in panel discussions, and ACFC Executive Director Mike McCormick and Chairman Dave Roberts will also be available to discuss national and local strategy and organization-building techniques.

      "This conference could help turn events this year in our effort to restore the family," said Baskerville. "I wholeheartedly urge our ACFC chapter leaders and members to attend and participate in this conference."

      A string of seriously flawed policy measures in Michigan has shown that state to be an important battle ground in the struggle for justice in family law. We are particularly pleased that our local ACFC affiliate - DADS of Michigan - has partnered with the Family Rights Coalition of Michigan, Fathers for Equal Rights of America, and Citizens for Parental Rights in co-sponsoring this conference. In a unified action that should be emulated nationwide, all of the local Michigan advocacy groups have banded together to host this well planned and well managed conference.

      "We hope to see you there."

      - Stephen Baskerville, President, ACFC
      - Mike McCormick, Executive Director, ACFC
      - David A. Roberts, Chairman, ACFC

      "As good American citizens, we would like to think that our Children's Protective Services and Child Support Enforcement agencies are doing their job protecting children and families. As a former enforcement officer and investigator for family court, I experienced first hand the way that the present system profits financially from divorce, separation, and the alienation of family members. Misguided officials train family court officers to deceive and withhold important information from families in crisis. It isn't until we are painfully and personally confronted with the facts of an uncaring an out-of-countrol bureaucracy that we decide to become informed and involved. Unless we are wiling to make a concerted and perhaps painful effort to make a difference by becoming personally involved, many more families are destine to become causalities of family courts. The Families and & Fathers Conference 2005 subtitled Healing our Families ~ A Time for Change, is a forum where we can come together to exchange information, network, and effectually forge change. I strongly urge you to attend this conference."

      - Carol Rhodes, Former Michigan Child Support Enforcement Officer
         Author of Friend of the Court - Enemy of the Family

      "The Families and Fathers conference of 2005 will be the most important event concerning family law reform in the last 10 years. This will be a pivotal opportunity for anyone interest in family issues to network and forge new relationships to effectuate positive reform in family law."

      - Richar' Farr, Founder of KRights Radio
        Master of Ceremonies for the Families and Fathers Conference

      �It has been said that �divorce is the death of a small civilization.� Divorce inflicts this death experience on one million children in America each year. The time for change is now. If you want to see a real change in the divorce industry, then the is the conference for you to attend. This is the right conferenece, with the right speakers and the right topics at the right time. It will take all of us to make meaningful difference, so I hope to see you in Michigan in June. I will not miss it.�

      - Stanley Charles Thorne, Appointed Counsel For The Galluzzo Appeal Pending
        In The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

      "Today's catastrophic divorce rate accompanied by the government's and judiciary's policies to destroy families and alienate fathers from their children and impoverishing them has brought America to the point where our civilization is at risk. The Michigan conference will bring together concerned parents, advocates, experts and professionals in an attempt to outline the problems faced by today's families and formulate solutions and action plans.  This conference might be turning point in our family law reform efforts and I wholeheartedly encourage you to attend and participate."

      - Mark Klein, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Oakland, CA

      "American families are needlessly suffering because family law is outdated, lacking uniformity and out of step with the realities of modern society and family life. This conference represents a new horizon in the changing landscape of America's divorce culture. The knowledge gained at this conference will help to promote a healing for parents, children and families across America. Please join concerned Americans from across the Nation in the Motor City for the Families and Fathers conference subtitled Healing our Families - A Time for Change."

      - Stephen J. Walker, Ph.D.,  Constitutional Consultant,
        Co-Producer of Families in Transition [FIT] TV program

      "Michigan is proving to be a major battleground state in the politics of family destruction.  Now is the time to prepare for the future.  The upcoming Families and Fathers conference offers an excellent opportunity to network and communicate with leading activists and advocates.  I strongly encourage you to attend."

      - Thomas Lessman, Chairman of the Million Dads March network
        President of ACFC-KS
        Former Candidate for Kansas House of Representatives, 53rd District

      "Many Non-Custodial parents feel helpless in their quest to be a parent and share time with their kids. Some give up and say what can I do? To this I quote Edmund Burke - 'Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.' On June 17 and 18th in Detroit at the Families and Fathers Conference, there is a chance to do what you can, learn what you need to know and find answers. Don't make the mistake of doing nothing. Be there."

      - Bob Batterbee, Equal=Equal

      "Family disruptions and societal violence are related in a vicious cycle. A high prevalence of single-parent households because of unwed births and divorce in our communities is directly associated with high rates of violence and crime. Breaking this cycle by restoring effective dual-parent involvement with our children of all races is the greatest societal challenge our nation faces in the 21st century. Please join me in Detroit in exploring solutions to this cycle of problems and contributing to a national dialog of reform."

      - Murray Davis, Board Vice President � The National Family Justice Association.

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