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debtor exam scheduled

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  • The Handyman
    THIS IS A NEW TWIST. Received today. Asking for driver s license, 24 months of bank account statements, a voided check, all other documents pertaining to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2005
      THIS IS A NEW TWIST.  Received today.   Asking for driver's license, 24 months of bank account statements, a voided check, all other documents pertaining to income, assets or property. Many ways to go but I'm sure everyone has a special procedure I might consider.  Just wonder if I should file an objection  to this pleading?   Please feed back your thoughts. My mind is so loaded with cases I may not think straight.    Chew my butt out Joe if  necessary.  You always have something.  I have all papers filed with the same court pretaining to redemption and security agreement if they can be of any help. .
      It is ordered that _____________ appear on the _____day of _____, 2005 for the purpose of being examined on all matters pertaining his income and property, and produce copies of the following:
      1. Copy of current paycheck stubs; Not employed
      2. Copy of current paycheck stubs for your spouse; No spouse
      3. Copy of last year's federal tax return;No returns
      4. Copy of driver's license for you and your spouse; Have Indian Nation License
      5. Copy of last 24 months of banking account statements for both checking and savings; This I want to avoid but wonder how.
      6. Copy of a voided check from all checking accounts; No problem
      7. Copy of automobile titles and/or registrations owned by you or your spouse for the last 3 years; No problem all are old clunkers and mortgaged above value
      8. Copy of title or mortgage to home and all other real estate owned by you or your spouse; No home repossessed last year.
      9. Copy of most recent 401k statement for you and your spouse; and Do not have 401k
      10. Copies of all other documents pertaining to any other income, assets or property. Very broad
      (Note to ___________:  If you do not bring "copies" you will have to turn over the originals.)
      IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT let not the defendant fail to provide the requested information under the penalty of being held in contempt of this Honorable Court
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