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Re: [citizensoftheUSofA] DRIVER'S LICENSE ATTACK

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  • jm367@bellsouth.net
    Question? Does the SSN make one a 14th amendment person? As Ralph would say, absolutely! ... I am quite certain this cannot be proved and is, in fact,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005
      "Question? Does the SSN make one a 14th amendment person?"

      As Ralph would say, absolutely!

      I am quite certain this cannot be proved and is, in fact, provably false.  The fourteenth amendment applies first to place of birth not paperwork.  There is nothing in the 14th amendment about paperwork, except that naturalization is accomplished by paperwork.
      Persons result from either an act of nature or from legal paperwork.  A person which is the result of an act of nature can be proved to be a citizen of the United States by testimony in open court.  No paperwork required.
      A person which is the result of an act of nature can acquire political and civil rights in his own name and behalf by legal paperwork.  Can he also acquire political and civil rights by legal paperwork in another name ?  Why, yes, by adoption.  By incorporation, too.  By trust creation, also.  A person resulting from an act of nature can be 'reborn' in another name in the District of Columbia and adopted in that name in a State under State law.  I know this because I have personal knowledge of the adoption foundation's legal paperwork.  The child of this legal paperwork was assigned a number as a baby in the 1940's.
      Are SSAN and SSN one and the same ?  On their face, they are not.  Where is the proof of equivalence ?  It does not exist.  SSN is a Treasury number.  That your apartment number and the number of the anniversary of your birth day may happen to show the same digits does not make them equivalent.  
      You do not qualify to apply for a Social Security Account Number unless you are an individual, which in the tax law is defined as a form of business enterprise.   In order to qualify for an SSAN, it is necesary to produce and present a certificate of birth certified by a State, tht is, legal paperwork.  What else but proof of the legal existence of a form of business enterprise created with a name that sounds just like yours could this production and presentation accomplish ?  When you are acting in the name and behalf of the form of business enterprise so created, your name is figured in all capital letters. 
      Congress, by exercise of the power to naturalize, can create citizens of the United States who possess by statute different civil rights.  Citizens of the United States do not have equal political or civil rights.  The fourteenth amendment does not apply in the District of Columbia nor in any territory or possession of the United States.    The political rights of citizens of the United States are set forth in the Constitution of the USA.  But, that Constitution does not control the political rights distributed by a State.  A State can authorize an alien to vote in its elections.  This was true before and after the civil war and amendments.  
      Treasury got a number issued to you from SSA and assigned it in its records as your Taxpayer Identification Number which it also shows in its records as a Social Security Number because it got the number from the Social Security Administration.  At least, that was the original proceeding.  Now, babies are assigned SSN.
      Congress cannot naturalize a natural-born Citizen.  But Congress can naturalize any other person, individually, or collectively.  Congress can also grant privileges in the District of Columbia to foreign corporations or to other foreign persons using its power of exclusive legislation there, subject to constitutional limitations, and its power to regulate commerce and it can require the States to honor the granted privileges.  NAFTA.
      Can one document be evidence of more than one legal relation ?  I think so, especially since Congress can create presumptions from evidence.  Could the certificate of birth be prima facie evidence of more than one legal relation ?
      Are naturalization and nationalization the same ?  All citizens of the United States are also nationals of the United States by Act of Congress.  Congress may have power to relate to me as a national of the United States when I am overseas, but can it bring its foreign policy to operate within the United States ?  It seems to me this is an act of alienation by Government which results in it being a Government without a people.  This is exactly what the British Government was at the time of separation.  See Chisholm v State of Georgia for a judge's denunciation of this.
      Knowing what we know about the Individual Master File of Taxpayer, should we doubt the correctness and accuracy of other records created and maintained by other Acts of Congress ?
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