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Despotism in Family Kourt

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  • Kurt
    Hello, I am a relative newcomer here. In the past week I have seen a few posts on questions regarding child support, etc. I am seeking advice in my own case,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2005
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      Hello, I am a relative newcomer here. In the past week I have seen a
      few posts on questions regarding child support, etc. I am seeking
      advice in my own case, if anyone can add anything or offer suggestions
      to my own case. Currently I am either banging my head off of any
      available wall, or simply scratching it, wondering "What the heck do I
      do now?".

      So you know something of where I am coming from, here's a brief
      summary of my situation and what has transpired over the course of the
      past two years. The mother of my daughter (we were never married, I
      never signed a birth certificate) filed for CS shortly after my
      daughter's birth, and before I ever had the opportunity to even get to
      know her. We went thru the typical actions of Domestic Relations and
      that was that..I thought I was "doing the right thing" and all that,
      even though I could not even "see" my daughter. Anyway, eventually I
      managed to work things out somewhat with mommy, so that the three of
      us could actually "try" to be a family. And we gave it a try for a
      while, until mommy went psycho and ended-up booting me out of the
      picture. She said: "If you ever want to see your daughter again,
      you'll have to do it through Domestics..". So I started on my journey
      to do just that. I made up my mind that I was no longer going to
      support a woman to raise my daughter without my direct involvement,
      that I would refuse to pay CS and demand my daughter's custody from
      mommy and the kourt..just as she suggested I do. Until a year ago I
      had never filed anything into a court, and knew next to nothing about
      law. Today, I still consider myself mostly ignorant on the subject,
      but even more confused by it all.

      For the most part, I followed the prescribed strategy here:
      http://tinyurl.com/4dy92 . I adopted the Bill of Particulars, Notice
      of Default, Notice of Rescisssion, etc. for my state (commonwealth of
      PA) and filed them all into the court. Here is a rough list of all
      the documents that I have filed with the dates of filing, including
      the ones that I have mentioned above. The kourt's actions'
      (responses?) are contained within [brackets]:

      02/04 Bill of Particulars

      [03/03] Receive "Notice" to Appear for Conference

      04/04 Notice of Default
      Motion in Limine
      Show Cause In Matters of Contract of Debt
      Show Cause In Matters of Venue and Jurisdiction

      [04/04] Receive Petition for Contempt, Order to Appear for Conference

      05/04 Notice of Rescission
      Notice of Debt Upon a Specialty
      Writ of Precipae
      (as also found at http://tinyurl.com/4dy92 with an attached..)
      Notice of Correction of Record
      (as nothing I had filed was ever entered in the docket of the case)
      Notice of Denial of Hearing
      (in response to 04/04 Order to Appear)
      Notice of Public Hearing
      Show Cause
      (demanding from the judge the constitutional authority
      and legal allegations of his alleged Orders and Demands,
      among other things)

      [06/04] Receive Order of Transfer
      (the kourt "transferred" my "portion" of this defaulted case to my
      home county)

      [09/04] Receive Notice of Employment

      [10/04] Receive Notice to Payor of IRS Intercept

      [10/04] Receive Petition for Contempt
      Receive Order to Appear for Conference

      11/04 Affidavit of Indigency (yes, I am poor)
      Notice of Denial of Hearing
      (in response to 10/04 Order to Appear)
      Notice of Impossibility to Receive Fair and Just Trial

      [12/04] Receive Order of Contempt (fined (?) $300)
      Receive Order to Appear for Conference
      Receive Notice of Right to Request Hearing

      ..And that's it, in a nutshell. For a more in-depth review of the
      case (but not an all-encompassing view), I am uploading the Notice of
      Impossibility to Receive Fair and Just Trial that I filed in December:
      Its cleaned-up to protect the innocent, and the guilty. Find it in
      the "Files" section. It ought to provide some clarity to the case. I
      am looking for answers or suggestions as to how to proceed with this
      case, since in my mind, the case was over last May; they in fact did
      default on the case. Yet, they ignore that fact entirely, and
      continue to persecute and prosecute me. My first thought is (upon
      recommendation of a friend) is to file a Writ of Mandamus into the
      Appeals Court, rather than continue farting around with these jokers.
      But if there's blood to be had here in these County kourts (they're
      blood :D) I'd pursue that option with a vengeance.

      I haven't been able to see my daughter since March of 2003. I am
      still standing squarely upon my initial goal: to have my daughter in
      my legal and physical custody and to have the Gestapo completely out
      of our lives, to let me raise my daughter on my OWN behalf. I'm at my
      wits end here, and it looks like peaceful solutions to this precarious
      predicament are running out.

      Feel free to critique my methods and the attached document;
      Constructive critism is desired. I welcome and appreciate your
      thoughts and input. Also, feel free to contact me off-list, if that
      is what you wish.

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