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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Can anyone help me?

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  • brokenwrench
    if you got title or mortgage insurance file a fraud claim with the insurance company, then file felony fraud charges naming all parties involved . be sure to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2005
      if you got title or mortgage insurance  file a fraud claim with the insurance company, then file felony fraud charges naming all parties involved . be sure to charge the licensed appraiser involved sue for triple punitive damages. you start at the sheriffs department to file a complaint or go to the states attorney in the county that the seller lives or in which the house is located.
      pursue criminal charges first , then file civil action. fraud has no statutes of limitaions. you dont need a lawyer to file criminal complaints. this is the easiest. there are other ways to deal with this that takes a little study on your part to use administrative common law methods or ucc remedies. i am also a diabled viet era veteran. if you need more help send me an email

      harold leist <friend_24501@...> wrote:

      Did you find a real estate lawyer or just joe blow?
      The other thing you might do is check with a
      malpractice attorney.  If the plat maps are wrong and
      the house description is wrong then you need to find

      Try going out of the county you live in.  Since there
      they have to work together all the time they may not
      want to step on each others toes. 

      --- Aaron <alnam101@...> wrote:

      > Hello, I new to the group. But I need someone to
      > tell me what I
      > should do. I bought a house in 1999. I am a  100%
      > disable Vietnam

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