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Silver Bullet, or cap gun?

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  • Frog Farmer
    Dear Friends, Today the thought struck me, Why worry about a silver bullet when a flag saying BANG! coming out of the barrel will do just as well? Answer:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
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      Dear Friends,

      Today the thought struck me, "Why worry about a silver bullet when a
      flag saying BANG! coming out of the barrel will do just as well?"

      Answer: Fear and Ignorance. Fear to pull the cap-gun and make it go
      bang, and fear that it might not "be enough to do the job".
      The Ignorance is about the nature of the opponent. The opponent
      is always a human being born naked and crying just like you were.
      Flags saying BANG! have been causing rises in adrenaline levels for
      years. Try it out on your loved one if you don't believe me.

      If you REALLY understand and defend your rights, you must have had good
      occasion to defend them from one opponent or another, from your first
      days in the schoolyard to the job site or anywhere else up to today.
      Has anyone on this list ever stood up for a right against another
      person they encountered?? Sure! So why isn't it SOP (Standard
      Operating Procedure) when some "authority figure" struts forward making

      I think an analysis of all the "problems" "patriots" encounter in "the
      movement" not to mention the same problems so many other "normal"
      people encounter, is that the "victim" somewhere sometime not only
      FAILED to DEFEND a right or multiple rights at the time their troubles
      began, they actually made a written signature on a piece of paper under
      some waivers, terms of a contract or application for a privilege that
      not everyone was entitled to receive. What makes them do that?? Is
      there anything anyone can do to prevent a baby from grabbing at a

      How do you keep people from shooting themselves in the foot? It's too
      late after toes are missing! I sure see a lot of people missing a lot
      of toes! Maybe some thought should go into trying to be more aware of
      when a right is at stake, and some adrenaline ought to flow and
      immediate steps should be taken to defend any hint of an attack,
      instead of rolling over and hoping everything comes out all right, and
      only worrying about it AFTER the pain becomes too uncomfortable.

      You might wonder what causes me to make such comments. Well, I've
      been "active" defending my rights ever since I was six years old.
      It almost comes naturally to me. It's gotten me in lots and lots of
      "trouble", but aside from my very first case, where I was falsely
      accused of hunting in city limits (when I was not hunting at all),
      jailed for 4 hours, railroaded, betrayed and denied due process when I
      was 16 years old, I've never been jailed. I spent years in courts
      fighting over rights issues, as the defendant. Only one case had to go
      as far as appeal; the rest (probably around 14 or so) were "dismissed"
      if you believe you can dismiss what never existed (a real case).

      When I started attending the courts, it was as a learning process,
      using minor issues such as licenses and fees. When I started, I used
      to throw every defense in I could think of, filing piles of paper, but
      as time wore on, I sought to slay the beast with as little paper as
      necessary. Then I started feeling that even paper was too much to
      waste on lawbreakers, so I sought to avoid the need with verbal
      communications. My "wins" occurred when eveyone parted saying, "have a
      nice day". Still, this sometimes caused delays of up to an hour in my
      busy schedule, and so the quest for the Silver Bullet continued. Then
      a friend of mine told me how he had recently sent away swarms of hungry
      trough-feeders who were intent upon fining him for building his new
      office only 6 inches off the roadway. What worked for him was he
      disqualified each and every person claiming some special powers over
      him. He produced certified evidence that these people were, knowingly
      or unknowingly, impersonating officers, which is a state crime in this
      land south of Oregon, west of Nevada and north of Old Mexico. I
      adopted his solution as my own, since I could think of no steps or
      procedures that came before making sure that people one deals with are
      lawfully qualified to do what they propose to do.

      Since using only this fact (that officers SHALL be qualified by an oath
      of office) I haven't had to write up any papers I didn't want to write
      or attend any meetings I didn't want to attend. No neighbors have been
      able to make any special claims upon me using state or federal law as a
      basis for their demands. See, to operate where I live, the Feds needs
      to be invited in by a qualified officer. I'm not in one of those
      locations where the feds automatically have jurisdiction, like a fort
      or dockyard or other federal enclave. If no qualified officer invites
      them in, guess what?! They are then tourists, in my eyes.

      Since learning of the aspects of qualification and disqualification,
      I've enjoyed seeking out the qualifications for all kinds of people who
      make special claims or demands (like attorneys). And when I do find a
      new requirement for qualification, I invariably find people playing the
      role, but failing to meet the qualifications. Do I need to spell out
      the usefullness of this? Apparently, because last year I undertook to
      drum up some conversation on this topic on many lists full of
      complaining people who were feeling the boot of oppression on their

      I didn't get much of a response. So I'm kind of at a loss for
      understanding why people would want to go any further down the road
      with would-be tyrants instead of pulling the rug out from under them at
      the earliest opportunity, which is the FIRST contact with them. Can
      anyone enlighten me?

      Here on the net we have list after list dedicated to finding SOME WAY
      to avoid pain and suffering at the hands of government (apparently, no
      one has figured out a way to do that yet, but I hope that Larry Becraft
      will let us know when it happens), and when the victim pool has a
      chance to deny the powers of government to an impersonating neighbor
      with a god-complex, they shuck it off and suffer instead. Go figure.

      People ask,"well, how do you use this information?" I'm always trying
      to think up new ways to have impersonating neighbors leave me alone
      fast, and today it hit me how I'm going to handle the next one
      (there'll always be a next one). Up until today, I've been content
      with presenting the fact of their disqualification and advising them
      that a citizen's arrest is permitted for any crime committed in one's
      presence and that impersonation of an officer is a state crime here.
      But today the thought hit me, "they are often guilty of committing a
      federal offense in your presence as well!" I don't know why I never
      thought of it before today, but don't a lot of these people use
      restricted radio frequencies in your presence, and in front of other
      witnesses? Are the licenses to do so issued to them personally, or to
      the agency they are impersonating? Hmmm? The FCC might not like
      criminals using radio bands they are not authorized to use. Who will
      come forward on the record to defend their use by an impersonator?
      Another impersonator, and then you have a conspiracy! It's so
      beautiful, I cannot wait to try it out! Talk about a tarbaby! I can
      see quite a few impersonators grabbing like a baby at a balloon with
      this approach. It may not be a silver bullet, but it does give more
      BANG! for the bux.

      Happy New Year!


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