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Cases Contracts and Agreements - valueable ammo for the 'million dollar idea'

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    The following cases are valuable in many ways. For instance, they further define the heart of my million-dollar idea and are essential in moving to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      The following cases are valuable in many ways. For instance,
      they further define the heart of my 'million-dollar idea' and are
      essential in moving to strike/dismiss the garbage claims of the
      Question: is there free, mutual agreement and consent of ALL the
      "fully" disclosed terms of a traffic ticket or arrest? No? Well,
      is there a valid contract then? Duh.... Do we even need to go
      into venue/jurisdiction if the charge(s)/claim is invalid from the
      very beginning?
      In Cracking the Code, 3rd Edition, they have TWO PAGES in their
      glossary just on contract. Most are direct quotes out of the
      California Civil Code. Well, I (we) need to find these same
      references in the Colorado (or your state's) Civil Code and start
      striking at the heart of these garbage claims from the state.
      In order to make use of these cases below, they need to be
      "Shepardized" into (y)our current state if we are in state courts.
      In other words, there is a set of reference books in the legal
      library called "Shepards" that will cross-reference these cases by
      State and District. I have yet to find an online Shepard's
      cross-reference... if anyone knows of one - please share link!

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      Cases Contracts and Agreements

      Von Hoffman v. City of Quincy, 4 Wall. 535, 552.
      "Nothing can be more material to the obligation than the means of
      enforcement. Without the remedy the contract may, indeed, in the
      sense of the law, be said not to exist, and its obligation to fall
      within the class of those moral and social duties which depend for
      their fulfillment wholly upon the will of the individual. The ideas
      of validity and remedy are inseparable, and both are parts of the
      obligation, which is guaranteed by the Constitution against
      invasion. The obligation of a contract 'is the law which binds the
      parties to perform their agreement.'" RED CROSS LINE vs. ATLANTIC
      FRUIT COMPANY. 264 U.S. 109, 68 L. Ed. 582, 44 S. Ct. 274 February
      18, 1924 Decided

      It is essential to the creation of a contract that there be a
      mutual or reciprocal assent. Sanford v. Abrams (1888) 24 Fla 181, 2
      So 373; Ross v. Savage (1913) 66 Fla 106, 63 So 148; McCay v. Sever
      (1929) 98 Fla 710, 124 So 44; United State Rubber Products, Inc. v.
      Clark (1941) 145 Fla 631, 200 So 385; Mann v. Thompson (1958, Fla
      App D1) 100 So 2d 634.

      That the assent be to a certain and definite proposition. Fincher
      v. Belk-Sawyer Co. (1961, Fla App D3) 127 So 2d 130; Goff v. Indian
      Lake Estates, Inv. (1965, Fla App D2) 178 So 2d 910; Hewitt v.
      Price (1969, Fla App D3) 222 So 2d 247.

      Without a meeting of the minds of the parties on an essential
      element, there can be no enforceable contract. Hettenbaugh v.
      Keyes-Ozon-Fincher Ins., Inc. (1962, Fla App D3) 147 So 2d 328;
      Goff v. Indian Lake Estates, Inc. (1965, Fla App D2) 178 So 2d 910.

      In order to form a contract, the parties must have a distinct
      understanding, common to both, and without doubt or difference.
      Unless all understand alike, there can be no assent, and therefore
      no contract. Webster Lumber Co. v. Lincoln (1927) 94 Fla 1097, 115
      So 498; Minsky's Follies of Florida, Inc v. Sennes (1953 206 F2d 1;
      O'neill v. Corporate Trustees, Inc. (1967) 376 F2d 818.

      Until the terms of the agreement have received the assent of both
      parties, the negotiation is open and imposes no obligation on
      either. Goff v. Indian Lake Estates, Inc. (1965 Fla App D2) 178 So
      2d 910: Carr v. Duval (1840) 39 US 77, 10 L Ed 361.

      The assent of each party must be freely given; a contract entered
      into as a result of the exercise of duress or undue influence by
      the other party, or procured by the fraud of one of the parties,
      lacks the essential element of real assent and may be avoided by
      the injured party. Wall v. Bureau of Lathing and Plastering (1960,
      Fla App D3) 117 So 2d 767.

      An actual assent by the parties upon exactly the same matters is
      indispensable to the formation of a contract. Bullock v. Hardwick
      (1947) 158 Fla 834, 30 So 2d 539: Hettenbaugh v. Keyes- Ozon -
      Fincher Ins. , Inc (1962, Fla App D3) 147 So 2d 328: General
      Finance Corp. V. Stratton (1963 Fla App D1) 156 So 2d 664.

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