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Million Dollar Idea for Dealing with Presentments (why don't we charge for these services?)

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    I m tired of hearing how everything THEY (i.e the government) is doing is illegal or part of some evil conspiracy. Have you ever considered the fact that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
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      I'm tired of hearing how everything 'THEY' (i.e the government) is
      doing is 'illegal' or part of some evil conspiracy. Have you ever
      considered the fact that they just might be more clever than 'we
      the people' have been? That they have simply used the SAME
      unlimited right that we ALL have by the contract known as The
      Constitution for the United States of America?

      Ever consider the idea that "Maritime law" (so called "Admiralty
      jurisdiciton") was the tool used to turn us into voluntary slaves
      paying for our own enslavement? How? By contract. What else?
      Isn't that what Maritime/Admiralty is all about? Everything they
      have done has been by our 'voluntary' agreement to surrender our
      freedom, and agree to pay for it, by some form of contract (by
      presumption, assumption, actual or otherwise). Maybe the key to
      our freedom is in our understanding of contracts?

      So why don't we put our heads together and create a contract for
      EVERY occasion some govt actor may approach us and 'demand'
      something of us? Whether it is a tax man, cops, judges,
      legislators, inspectors, social services, emergency services, etc.,
      you-name-it... why can't all these be opportunities to PROFIT from
      (by contract) with these 'public' pretenders?

      There have been a few attempts at this. The so-called
      'trade-name'/'trade-mark' (aka name 'copyright')...better known as
      a 'copy-claim'. There is also the 'attorney contract' (aka Notice
      of Acceptance to Contract). Both of these can be successfully
      perfected with simple administrative procedure... but the 'rest of
      the story' has been alluding us...(i.e. how to get paid)... until

      Here is the best part: we now know (maybe some have always known)
      that we can collect these claims in "CASH"... since all these
      actors and pretenders from the 'PUBLIC' are all bonded (i.e.
      insured!). Just need their bonding company and the claim forms.
      Now THAT would be a service worth paying for! Aanyone interested
      in becoming a P.I. and find the bonds for every county, attorney,
      cop, judge, Dist. Attorney, State's Attorney, Attorney General,
      etc., etc? Or at LEAST put together a guide-book detailing where
      to find the 'law' where these bonds are supposed to be in the
      'public record'? Certainly we need this in our inintial
      application form (i.e. Public Servant Questionaires)!

      How can we 'accept' their offers to contract without knowing the
      terms? First, what are the terms of a valid contract? Why are we
      still trying to 'pay' with Int. BoE's (or the like) without valid
      assesments, itemized charges, etc.? If they are coming to us for
      our banking services (i.e our signatures on their paper to create
      'legal tender' to 'pay' these 'debts') why aren't we charging them
      for this service? How much would be a fair charge? An equal
      dollar for dollar exchange + 10% processing fee? Like Winston
      Shrout's method of presentment of a certfied copy the
      bond/boe/check/etc. via a notary who holds the original in escrow
      for them to collect upon their 'tender' of equal value via their
      check, cash, gold, silver, etc or other form of legal tender or
      lawful money?

      What are the fees for unlawful detainer? $75,000/hour or 1.8
      million a day based on that florida case? Any others? How much is
      your liberty worth? If the common-law demands death as the penalty
      for kidnapping, is 1.8 million a day asking too little?

      What about fees for our counseling services? When we need to
      instruct them on how to be polite, courtesy, respectful of others
      privacy and their right to be left alone... i.e. 'civil' (what
      you'd expect from public (civil) servants?). Pyschopathic behavior
      is consdered a sickness of the mind, and if we must deal with
      such...we should be paid for our counseling services.

      What about fees for consulting services? since it is evident that
      most public pretenders and govt actors are ignorant of their own
      laws... why must we educate them and 'consult' with them how to do
      their job? Definitely a service (educational) worth charging for.

      What else could we charge for? Does it simply need to be recorded
      in the county, then when accosted we can 'serve them the law' (i.e.
      the contract). Or put another way, when they come to us we can
      hand them the menu of the consensual contract (if they order the
      meal, they have to pay for it).

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      > Thanks, Todd. I just went back to try it again and it's
      > fine. Not sure what, but thank you for checking.
      > -----Original Message-----
      > That file is still on ozescape. Here is the link and
      > description:
      > Dealing with Presentments.doc
      > Outline of Procedure from A to Z -- presentment of any kind,
      > from a traffic ticket to a utility bill to a summons or
      > indictment, they are trying to give you something, not take
      > ---------

      > Why did you ask about it? You think it should be ammended?

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