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[tips_and_tricks] How can I protect home from Judgement Creditors]

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  • hobot
    I wanted to attach to this string. Paul, why are you telling somebody how to be dishonest? This is just the kind of attitude that got us where we are now.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2005
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       I wanted to attach to this string.  Paul, why are you telling somebody how to be dishonest?  This is just the kind of attitude that got us where we are now.  Doesn't matter who you're cheating, it's still cheating. Michael Neil; of the House Schluterbusch

      I'm a bit confused by your comment as the first and fundammental
      fruad occurred in a bank converting a person's signature into
      new money and despoting it yet still making the signer pay
      them that much more again in principle and maybe 3 x that much
      more for the privilage all the while holding the property as
      if it it was theirs and not the signer's hoping he would defualt
      so they can keep it all and do it again.  Credit cards are similar
      and based on the musical chair game as there is not enuff money
      printed/created to pay for the excesses the banks charge so
      there's not enuff for all signer's to pay up fully, so will lose stuff
      if not judgement proofed.
      Open a C-card account, you have 'money' to spend but where did
      the C-card get it from, definitely not from their assets nor their
      customers or investors. Buy something, say a hammer, vendor
      gets numbers put in his account, you get the hammer.  You risked
      time to earn these numbers and vendor the hammer but where the
      heck does the C-card co. come it claiming they risked anything
      or funded anything of theirs except the service to ease the

      Proptery should be put into trust name before a sale, so check
      does not have you name/numbers on it.  Have this check buy
      into something that can be returned or sold off easy and
      proceedes then made out to trust name again or to what ever
      name of company an amount is being spent on.

      Used to be a place to buy gemstones with buy back policy and
      added value if gems went up but owner died and family let
      it drop. But you get the idea.

      Its illegal to  creat false liens on property so must be creative
      with coopertive/understanding people to pull it off if under
      investigation.  A big sewer hole could be dug and contractor
      not finish d/t big funds owing, but still just a hole to cover up eh.


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