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An Ethical standard for PAYtriots for profit! and intro to WINN Ministries

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    The following is simply my opinion, not specific to anyone. But if the shoe fits, then wear it. Dare to deny the utility and value of this proposed ethic: In
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2005
      The following is simply my opinion, not specific to anyone. But if
      the shoe fits, then wear it. Dare to deny the utility and value of
      this proposed ethic:

      In general, I have little respect for people who charge others for
      untested theories. Show me the succeses and how to duplicate them,
      then it may be worth something. This is why I promote Legalbear
      (Barry) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tips_and_tricks/ to my
      friends. Barry ("The Lion Tamer") has shown a successful track
      record over the past 10 years here in Colorado and has produced
      some quality work I believe can be worth the cost (at least you can
      be certain he'll be cheaper than an attorney, and produce much more
      favorable results!)

      But I also believe that anyone charging for something before
      'healing' the problem is just as bad as an attorney, doctor, etc.
      and should carry malpractice insurance. This disease is an
      American materialistic sickness and dishonest way to do 'business'.
      I could quote a lot of law here, but I'll wait for any objections

      Instead of mere criticism, I'm going to propose how a 'paytriot for
      profit' could ethically charge for their services:

      *Show us how to PROFIT from every single harrassment attempt from
      an agent of the "PUBLIC" (i.e. government).
      *Show us how to contract with the PUBLIC and establish standard
      consulting fees for any PUBLIC agent desiring to do 'business' with
      us. Whether it is harrassing letters, arrest the body, creating
      obligations to 'pay' from their private 'codes' and 'public
      policy', or ANY reason for the purpose of generating a revenue for
      the state...

      How much? Why shouldn't we be charging them for the 'service'
      of creating their 'legal tender' (i.e. any debt they present to
      us)? Why aren't we demanding equal compensation (dollar for
      dollar) of every bit of revenue we generate for them + 10 percent?
      Wouldn't this be the only ETHICAL service worth 'charge' someone
      for? Or at least be a REQUIRED part of such service?

      On a different, but similiar note, to those claiming our
      Father-Creator's Law-Word (i.e. the Bible) as their Law book
      shouldn't we be applying a similiar yard-stick to their 'services'?

      Aren't most 'churches' equally guilty of charging us for something
      and providing little in return? Shouldn't we all be opposed to the
      great harlot that rides the beast (aka the 'church' system, created
      by government and benefit from their tax exemptions)? What service
      do they provide for the 10% guilt-money they take from people's
      weekly paycheck for merely providing a social club, cheap
      entertainment and the pastor/preacher's retirement fund!?

      Where is the 'churches' MINISTRY to the people? Who are they
      helping who are struggling "in the trenches" where it really
      matters (i.e. protecting/enhancing people's life, liberty and
      property)? How much is such work worth? Especially if it results
      in 'Thy Kingdom come on EARTH, as it is in heaven"? Isn't such
      work a worthwhile effort and worth regular support?

      There is such a MINISTRY helping churches help the people! That is
      why we are partnering with WINN Ministries! They're helping turn
      'churches' into 'ecclesias'. Don't know the difference? Read what
      Ecclesia is: http://www.lawfulpath.com/ref/ecclesia/

      WINN Ministries can be found at: winnministries.org
      If your church isn't yet a member, maybe you should ask them why?
      If they have no interest, maybe you should ask why you still
      support them?

      The ministry/mission work I'm involved in is funded exclusively by
      voluntary donations and gifts. Rarely will you hear us ask for
      financial help... and only in emergency situations... (like
      recently after a 2 week jail experience...and only for the sake of
      paying back personal friends who were kind enough to pay the ransom
      so I can prepare a 'defense' (or offense as the case may be). We
      hope to donate what we learn to help these community builders thru
      WINN Ministries...as we are able. If not WINN, who else? If not
      now, when?

      Redemptive Dominion Missions
      (Overseer: Todd Michael; Haus Von Weisser)
      Temporary Post location: 8223 South Quebec, I-138,
      From without the city-state of: Englewood [80112] Colorado,
      sojourning on Planet Earth, under the Law and Jurisdiciton
      of the Kingdom of Heaven

      Old Website: http://www.angelfire.com/sd2/rdm

      This document along with any attachment(s) is intended only for the individual or entity recipient that is named above. If you are not the intended recipient, as specified by the sender, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in relation to the contents of the information contained herein, is strictly prohibited, and you are commanded to destroy this document in its entirety, and notify the sender. Access to this document by any other person or entity is unauthorized. "All rights are reserved, Without Prejudice"

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