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***SOS Continued***Message from Jack Blood***Message about Rick Stanley***

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  • Marsha
    ***SOS Continued***Message from Jack Blood***Message about Rick Stanley*** In follow up and response to Jack McLamb s Operation Vampire Killer ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      ***SOS Continued***Message from Jack Blood***Message about Rick

      In follow up and response to Jack McLamb's "Operation Vampire Killer"
      >>>Click here: Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - The Lawful

      First, a message from Rick Stanley's wife, Pam...Their host dropped
      them and they are doing their best to find another and get set back
      up...We all hope to see him back very soon...Those of you who don't
      know, Rick, will learn of him and the multitudes of other patriots
      with "US"...Very soon

      They are about to take America back

      Another patriot most of you do know>>>
      Jack Blood, sent this>>>

      Date: 1/24/05 12:22:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From: jackblood@... (Jack Blood)
      To: Mofmars3@...

      You may also want to add: JACK MCLAMB IS ON THE AIR 6p - 7p (Mon -
      Fri) Central Time on www.rbnlive.com or various LPFMs across the
      land. The call in # to speak with Jack LIVE on air is 1-800-313-9443
      Best to you and your movement,
      Jack Blood (www.jackblood.com )
      Marsha wrote:

      I spoke with Jack McLamb yesterday and was supposed to call him back
      but I pooped out and missed making the call as he asked...Anyway, I
      will pass all the questions on to him, such as the many asking if
      there were an updated version of "OVK"

      There is an urgent matter out there waiting for justice, I'd like to
      call to your attention...It will be posted at the end of this main
      communication...Please don't miss it, especially those of you
      involved with prison issues>>>
      I can't begin to answer all the responses ***SOS and OVK***has
      brought...I will try to eventually...Please know I appreciate all of
      your input, volunteering, support and so forth

      It was a long time coming but I am incredibly encouraged and amazed
      by all you good people coming forth ...You will all have your say and
      your way...(If it's good and of positive nature, anyway)

      Actually, I'm overwhelmed...I can see and feel this is going to
      finally work because we are enough, now, to make it happen

      One of our goals, among many planned we at WTP_U would like to
      present to all of you, is to compile a website of all our patriot
      groups and VIP's who stand with "US"

      There are many patriots waiting in the wings, waiting to come forth
      and help, if we get it together enough to show them a feasible plan
      and that we mean business

      I need to shortcut info I want you all to have by sending you the
      reply I sent to another great and productive patriot
      Click here: Yahoo! Groups : Operation_Unification

      Here it is>>>

      Hello Randy and everyone...Yes, yes...I do have a problem with
      delivering the message of what I'm trying to communicate and being
      coherent at the same time...I am so sorry...I do a terrible
      job...Hopefully someone else will soon be willing to take over for me
      in this area...I am a good and hard worker but do better behind the

      If I am vague or don't answer a question very well...Please know it's
      not on purpose

      One needs to be skilled at reading between the lines, most of the
      time, when reading what I write

      I just hope most will bear with me to give this effort a chance to
      take...What I want is to help "We The People" from everywhere, save
      the world...and I don't know how, exactly

      Please believe this is not a selfish promotion on my part, as someone
      mentioned...It's understandable that one would suspect this...

      For proof that's to come...I know that we have to know many of the
      same good and credible people...I'm sure many will vouch for me and
      my motives

      I'm sincere and am desperately reaching out to all of you for
      help...criticize me, yes...I'll learn from you...I know that in many
      groups (especially patriot groups)...such as yours, there are many
      patriots doing all they can...Somehow, we have to combine and bring
      them all together...

      The owners and leaders of the groups have to accept and work with
      each other, if we are to succeed in what needs done

      By trying to build a bridge between all the patriot groups and
      concerned individuals, as many have tried, I truly hope we can all
      work the bugs out and work together, finally

      There are many worthy projects and ideas in these groups...I plan to
      reveal them all in time...

      If all the patriots in these groups would unite in their efforts and
      work together...We could all stand together under the one

      My first WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED group was created for all of us, as a
      tool to begin somewhere, to build from...But I give it to all of you,
      as I have from the beginning

      We need create our new and improved, WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED, MOTHER
      SITE...Create it from scratch once we know what we're doing and start
      to take good direction

      We need start somewhere and the "We The People", phrase is a good one
      and probably the best to build on

      There was some negative feedback on the idea of "US" finding a
      leader...Leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some,
      understandably...But our leader will be different...Call this person
      our speaker, instead of leader, if need be...We do need someone who
      will have the clout to speak for "US" all...

      We need many sub leaders/speakers to join with "US"...There's room
      for "US" All...we need "US" All...

      I have been accused of...Well, let me see if I can find the exact
      words someone used...Using a "sophisticated" means for harvesting
      other's group members..."Not"...No way...This is not my idea of fun

      I have worked so hard in building a foundation
      for "US"...Researching, learning, saving matters and materials for
      those that still need exposure to so much truth...To be used as
      ammunition when needed

      Collecting groups of all sorts with important issues...Accumulating
      lists of credible and incredible people throughout the years...This I
      did for the sole purpose of bringing them all together when the time
      was right ...That time is now

      Those of us in our patriot groups determined to make change can join
      forces with the VIP's we all respect, trust and know

      It can work...It has to...We can make it work

      This is from someone in The PatrickCrusade Group...A Human Rights
      group...If you are so inclined, look into this, please...There's many
      groups out there who came about due to a loved one being locked up
      unjustly...This is just one of the many in my files...and happens to
      concern a police officer...Some of you let it be well known of your
      distrust of "COP's"...Hey...I detest most of them, too...So please
      don't let what the bad guys represent keep you from
      helping "US"...Please...Imagine if it were a loved one of yours with
      a bum rap>>> Click here: Yahoo! Groups :

      From: "Sherry Swiney" <taoss@w...>
      Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 8:19 pm
      Subject: Re: Operation Vampire Killer 2000

      I know Jack McLamb (retired police officer) from several years ago.
      He at one time was interested in helping Patrick Swiney (former
      police officer) because at that time he saw that a police officer had
      been wrongly convicted and sentenced to LWOP for a crime he did not
      commit. At that time, we tried very diligently to find scientific or
      physical proof that Patrick was innocent but that came quite slowly
      (the state of Alabama worked hard to prevent us) - and as a
      consequence, Jack McLamb became interested in other avenues or cases,
      who knows? All I know is that Jack McLamb seemed to have lost
      interest in helping Patrick. We have not heard from him in several
      years. Perhaps his hands were tied because we did not yet have solid
      evidence of innocence.

      Since then, however, we have found the scientific proof that Patrick
      could not have been the shooter in this case www.patrickswiney.com
      and so we would like it if Jack McLamb became interested again in
      helping another police officer by exposing Patrick's case over the
      air waves.

      Meanwhile, please take a look at the message below and be sure to
      visit the website http://lawfulpath.com/ref/vk2k.shtml to view
      Operation Vampire Killer 2000.

      Sherry Swiney
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