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Summons "Enforcement" - questions needed for "Special Apperance...for Motion to Dismiss"

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    Would be nice to see this in action (i.e.paperwork form, as well as written as a verbal script so we canpractice this in study groups -- if there are any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
          Would be nice to see this in "action" (i.e. paperwork form, as well as written as a verbal script so we can practice this in 'study groups' -- if there are any serious ones left in Colorado).   Anyone have any experience using Clyde Hyde's paperwork and procedures (i.e. from lawwork)?  Successes?
           I could see this fitting into a "Special Appearance only for the Limited Purpose for Motion to Dismiss."   -TM

      --- Clyde of lawwork wrote:
      Subject:  summons enforcement
      Venue is improper because you don't live in Federal Venue unless the IRS is now National and not Federal.  Jurisdiction is therefore improper.  The code is not the law, you are not subject to it.  You don't keep books and records and all information is in already in the hands of the commissioner.  I think we just discussed this recently and I posted cases to the group.
      See what we ask the court:
      "Any case that overturns Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, 370, that People are "not subject to the law" which is code for government;

      Any case or statute at large which would change our Federal Gov. to a National Gov. as it concerns the People the several states. See "The Making of the Constitution" by Charles Warren (around page 147);

      Any case or statute at large which would grant power, notwithstanding the Separation of Powers Doctrine, to the executive branch to collect a tax, where the power is granted specifically by the Constitution to the Congress;

      Any case or statute at large which give government common law authority to destroy the object it taxed by a tax over 10%. See Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Co., 259 U.S. 20 (1922);

      Any documents or statute at large or session law which empowers the executive branch to take life, liberty or property without judicial proceedings in due process;

      And, Any document or statute or session law which would abrogate the natural or common law rights:
      To Notoriously Know any nexus to jurisdiction (Art. 1.8.17) and standing (Superior Sovereign) in relation to government (public servants),

      To govern oneself,
      To earn a living,
      To acquire, possess and control property,
      To be secure in life, liberty and property,
      To be free of Interference with Contracts, Bills of Pains and Penalties and slow Corruption of Blood,

      To be left alone, and free from intentional irreparable injury by barratry, domestic violence thru mixed war.
      Does Congress have the power to cause you to be forced into a situation where no matter what you do, you loose?

      Isn't this kind of box a violation of due process and intentional irreparable injury by morally evil design?

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      The IRS claim that US district court has jurisdiction to enforce summons per 26 USC 7402b and 7604a in its petition
      how do I argue ?

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