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Re: [tips_and_tricks] can we do any better than "traditional protections"

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  • Agent RED PILL, BPSA
    Let s think of it this way, jm. If you can give me an actual example that would change my mind, please do. Tell me the exemplary story. I think you and I agree
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 31, 2004
      Let's think of it this way, jm. If you can give me an actual example that would change my mind, please do. Tell me the exemplary story.
      I think you and I agree that what happened in the past is interesting and can be useful, but it will not deflect a bullet any more than it will keep the car in the other lane from crossing the center line. Tradition does not keep elections fair, especially if they were never fair in the first place. Electing Kerry by a recount will not bring back the Articles of Confederation or make politicians honest or return the USA to the boom era of being the world's primary exporter of oil. Innovation will not either, but innovation may do even better- even better than tradition.
      Whenever any "traditional protection" was first established, it was not yet a traditional protection, was it? Someone or some group developed a new pattern, then other patterns branched from that. In order to continue any protection, traditional or new, someone must perform the activity of protecting.
      The bullet proof vest I was wearing yesterday will not protect me today unless I still have it on. Even if history has some secret solution for a current problem, only *applying* that secret will make any difference now, though it may fail to work even though in the past it worked consistently.
      This is like driving a car year after year and then one day the engine fails- or I run out of gas for failing to monitor the fuel indicator because in the past, my wife traditionally reminded me to refill it every time it got low, and this trip she is not present- or falls asleep- or whatever. "Tradition" will not refill the tank.
      My concern is not that you may think the past is worthy of study. My question is this- do you think ignorance of the past makes up for ignorance of the present? Which is more relevant: 10,000 years ago, 100 days ago, or 2 seconds ago?
      So, I am a grown man. If I was standing near you right now, what could protect you from me? Your knowledge of history?
      Ink on paper does not do it. What someone did before we were born does not do it.
      And, we can waive everything with the stroke of a pen: the signing of a contract. We can fail to assert or exercise our preferences today. We can even compromise our own freedom and prosperity- actively or by omission.
      One more question: have you ever met a slave face to face? I have, and I don't mean hostages or debtors who act like slaves, I mean someone who was sold into slavery. No, they were no longer a slave when I met them, but slavery is a relative term and slavery to beliefs is perhaps the most epidemic form.

      Traditions will not protect me from you or you from me. If you depend on someone else, such as a government agent, to protect you, you may be satisfied or you may be disappointed.
      I am promoting opportunities through my website, www.redpill.info, and through the forum linked there. I don't know what you are doing or promoting, but I sense that you are still coming into clarity about what you want and how you will get it. When you obtain what you want, you may concern yourself less with what happened before we were born, focusing instead on keeping what you value, sustaining it.
      However, you and I are always subject to mortality. We can obtain a million objectives and establish a thousand protections on ink and paper, but I will still buckle my seatbelt. 
      Taking care, friend, may we all fare well.
      Agent RED PILL

      jm367@... wrote:
      If there are no traditional protections, we are all slaves because we are all subject to capture by greater force in the name and behalf of UBITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It goes like this: those who remain ignorant of what happened before they are born have an infant's understanding of the world they were born into.
      spare us more yada yada yada   "What is "our history?" The history of the invasion and colonization of North America by Europeans? What does that history have to do with the institution of the Federal Reserve?"  demonstrating the point.

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